Hi Ron,

Would it be possible to have Publications link Tab on user page ? Because we have URL structure like this (with path auto module)

View "John" Biography : (http://www.website.com/john/biography)
View "John" t blog entries (http://www.website.com/john/blog)

It would be nice (SEO perspective) if we can display like this

View "John" Publications entries (http://www.website.com/john/publications)

Please advise


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I don't know if you can define arbitrary paths with pathauto, but if you could map

http://www.website.com/john/publications to http://www.website.com/user/42/publications then is should work, assuming your base url is changed from biblio to publications and john's drupal user is is 42.


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Thanks Ron. May be dumb question... but would it be possible to redirect


to http://www.website.com/john/publications

automatically ? Is it Pathauto thing or Bibilo modules thing ? I saw path autho. It has settings for redirections for nodes, users, and taxonomy ...but how can achieve above ?

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An approach could be to use Views and its arguments feature, although that would require an extra term in the URL to specify the view's name.

If #682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module is fulfilled, http://drupal.org/project/content_profile may be a solution.

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Thank you. We are already using http://drupal.org/project/content_profile and our users profile page links with this module are www.website.com/john/profile same way...for publications its nice to have url like this www.website.com/john/publications ......i hope in D7 , bibilio to CCK support would solve this (but not sure how though...)

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Just to clarify, with Views, it would be more like www.website.com/publications/john. Something would have to be to the left of john to specify which view to use unless you did something sophisticated with path handling.

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Thanks for clarification. I guess, if Bibilo can become a "content type" in d7, then in URL aliases settings we can define the way we want the URLs .

or any other way ..in that module settings...admin/build/path/pathauto

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When you enable "Show publications on users profile pages", this also adds a tab 'Publications' (at least in D7).
Alternatively, you can probably set up a view on user/%/publications with a contextual filter on the user id.

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