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E-Commerce provides support for a growing list of payment gateways. For detailed information about each gateway, please visit the listed website or consult the README.txt for the corresponding module. Vist the E-Commerce Issues Queue queue for information and advice about the status of each module.

To enable a payment gateway in a Drupal E-commerce installation, the administrator needs to visit the administer > modules page and select the payment module as well as one or more of the following:

Gateway, Russian: (and in English)
This module is not release with 4.7 at this stage.
Gateway, Australian:
Gateway, Australian:
Gateway: This module is currently broken.
Gateway: Not yet release with 4.7.
ProtX VSP Direct
Gateway, UK:

The settings page for these modules can usually be found under

administer >
store > settings > the_module

. The general settings for the payment.module can be found at

administer >
store > settings > payment


Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


peter.brightlemon’s picture

ProtX payment module works only with VSP Direct version ( You should update above information about this fact. I'm in the middle of rolling VSP Form version of module, so in couple weeks I try release it. If I make it then I try to put other two missing solutions (VSP Server and VSP Terminal).

See: > support for details

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You need to get the Worldpay files from the dev release of 3.4 - they are not included in the current stable version.