Testing at http://d-theme.com/austere. The CSS requests images/line.png but there is no images/line.png.
#block-user-1 ul li { background: url(images/line.png) repeat-x left bottom; }


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I was having other issues so I had the Apache error_log open; fixed the other issue and then noticed it saying [Sat Dec 19 16:07:52 2009] [error] File does not exist: /var/www/html/sites/all/themes/austere/images/line.png,

This is on my localhost site getting ready to upload some revisions to my live site. I could look for a line.png elsewhere, though I looked in folders for a couple of the core themes and nothing like that exists. Or I could open gimp and create one, but I'm almost afraid what would happen... :-) It might be the line that ate Toledo or something. Back to work before I get carried away here.

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You can just safely delete that line in your CSS file. It's been awhile since i looked at that theme but it was probably a mistake adding that line in the first place.

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Thanks! I did create a small line.png file in gimp and it shows up next to an item in the admin menu I believe. I wanted to get rid of the error messages; but it's nice to know it can be safely deleted.

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First, thank you for the very nice theme. I am enjoying using it very much.

Next, I experienced this error in my log, which brought me here.

I found the line in question on line 596 of style.css in the theme folder. I commented it out by adding the
comment pair around that line.

I should also mention that I needed go to the theme settings page, and resave the theme settings after making a change, as the system has a cache that one needs to rebuild for this to "take."

I thought I would post this, as it might help others who are needing to fix this themselves, but might not know where to look. If I have missed anything or misspoken, I hope others will help me by correcting the errors.

Any chance this line removal could be rolled to dev or maybe a new release? Thanks!