There should be tests for mongodb_watchdog.

[17:47] dereine: i am not sure whether we have tests for the dblog admin screen , if not then the work is instnatly reusable as a core test. if there is such a core test then that just needs to be adjusted

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Totally broken. Sadly currently together with parts of

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To test this patch, apply first

Down to:

84 passes, 9 fails, 0 exceptions, and 25 debug messages
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Tests are passing now, missing "feature" of the watchdog admin ui convertion.

TODO: Convert admin/reports/(not_found|access_denied) to mongodb_watchdog

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This patch is sure togehter with the capped stuff.

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Component: Code » Watchdog


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I think I committed this :) I need to run 'em to see whether they pass :p commit early, commit often :D

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No longer applies (CVS format ?)

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The committed versions do not run currently.

The D6/D7 patches included in #1355808: Implement watchdog filter-on-insert in mongodb_watchdog include working tests for the new filter-on-insert feature.

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Improvement added: tests no longer choke on they are bypassed when no connection is available, so qa can still check well-formedness but not waste resources on tests that can only fail.

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@chx - did you commit this?

@fgm - Can we close this issue?

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Well, many of the module tests no longer pass on the current dev version : Entity Query, Field Attach, and Session Handling.

So, since this is a "Watchdog" issue, it's definitely "fixed" at this point. Another issue should address broken tests in other components.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.