currently I can configure the block to sort by date created and by year. But if I have many publications in the same year, they show up in some random order.

Two things could be done here:

- sort the block by the same algorithm as the main biblio list, when using "Year". For some reason in the main biblio list the full date is taken into account; or
- add the option to sort the block by "date" rather than "year".


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This would be fixed by #682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module, but not sure if rjerome wants to defer this tactical request to a strategic project.

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Could you explain how this would be fixed by CCK?

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Implement the Date module, and then present through Views using the Date field as the primary sort and the field that thiagobart wants for the secondary sort.

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You don't need CCK to do this, Views can do it all on it's own.

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If you use the Date module (a custom CCK field), you'd have excellent granularity control on the Views sort handler already built in. Otherwise you'll have to reinvent the wheel.

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Could you possibly allow a second sort as an easy quick fix for cleaning up the list a little? (i.e. primary by year and secondary by primary author's last name?) This would make it easier to find things in long lists of publications.