I made a online gaming site http://www.oneonlinegames.com/

I have very powerful game-CMS.

I used followings to make my website:
-Sky theme

Give some commnets/feedback/suggestion/SEO-tips about my website.



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nice site :) Never would have thought it was drupal!

As for SEO, you seem to be doing fine - the games are part of the URL, which is important for it.


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As far I can see, you are already very good at SEO. Cheers.

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How did you do, Are you sure its just the modules you listed

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Looks good what was the duration of your project? If I'm not mistaken it took you 20 days to learn Drupal, just out of curiosity was your method more of trail and error? The one thing that kind of irks me about your site is your choice of link color kind of reminds me of the beginning of the .com era. Other than that, the potential for a really popular site in the near future is there.

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Thanks for your nice comments.

Of course my method was trail and error. Initially I was very confused with Admin area, but after forum help, I did it. The most challenging part was "View" and "Panels".

This time I am concerned about page-loading time. Can anyone help me to figure out, how can I minimize page loading time?


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Like what you've done w/ Drupal. I'm in the same boat as you are were. But on day 12 and I still can't figure out how to get my flash games to use Drupal's user authentication and communicate with the database to load and updates scores/levels. How would you do it? Is there a good modules or would you write your own API? Can you please point me to the right direction) Thanks

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Can I know what the module what u use?