Download privatemsg-6.x-1.0.tar.gztar.gz 93.69 KB
MD5: dbf4bc8ecfa9ebcd0c55e6849f504ad8
SHA-1: 7b4b7cfef460a71f492d892cd74e5980745f4df4
SHA-256: e160df960ef2f67d88072fa981744d4928e54b1a90125e3b5b2c9be75c2f82c0
Download privatemsg-6.x-1.0.zipzip 119.46 KB
MD5: b318fb288530b7d43894ac2c06d7a8fa
SHA-1: 97d297777e663e3026097072db5847cd04f3d777
SHA-256: 02a17aa72dbb3deccc04b2112d4c290194b96cf1c153a2c58a5e23e4fd02faa6

Release info

Created by: Berdir
Created on: 30 Nov 2009 at 16:23 UTC
Last updated: 30 Nov 2009 at 16:26 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features

Release notes

This is a feature and a bugfix release. Everyone is highly advised to upgrade to this version. This is the first stable release of Privatemsg for Drupal 6 and marks the feature freeze for the 1.x branch.

Changes since 6.x-1.0-rc4:

  • #500352 by Berdir, nbz | walker2238: More control over hook_privatemsg_message_view_alter().
  • #607760 by Berdir | nbz: Fixed spelling of message send failed error message.
  • #604838 by Berdir | WazzaD: Fixed email notification goes to 'clean url link' but clean url's disabled.
  • #583208 by Berdir | nbz: Added empty reply validation and more tests.
  • #613512 by DrakeRemory: Fixed visible filter on list pages when no messages are available.
  • #444440 by Berdir | nbz: Added privatemsg_message_load_multiple().
  • #523618 by Berdir, litwol: Fixed Cancel link on delete message page.
  • #437574 by Berdir | nbz: Added documentation for hook_privatemsg_name_lookup().
  • #617250 by andypost: Fixed untranslatable strings.
  • #617250 by andypost: Fixed untranslatable strings.
  • #614718 by Berdir | nbz: Fixed new messages with multiple recipients are listed in the wrong order.
  • #617648 by Berdir | timtrinidad: Fixed deleted thread not recreated upon recipient reply (with test).
  • #483348 by nbz | JirkaRybka: Fixed install/update issues.
  • #429674 by Berdir, nbz: Fixed #348907 follow-up: privatemsg_sql_list_sent() ORDER BY string manipulation smells bad.
  • #615834 by Berdir: Fixed error if adressed to someone who got deleted.
  • #615050 by Berdir | igorik: Fixed inconsistent recipient/participant list.
  • #559180 by Berdir, sja1 | litwol: Delete messages and settings when a user is deleted.
  • #613036 by friolator, Berdir | sun: Fixed pm_body() linebreaks not coming through.
  • #624118 by Berdir | gatoth: Fixed PostgreSQL query error.
  • #625246 by Berdir: Fixed coding style.
  • #446360 by Berdir: Updated .pot file for translations.
  • #624378 by Berdir | gold: Fixed API does not remove author from recipients array when replying.
  • #547106 by Berdir | gsvitak, trupal218: Added Link: write to this user in views.
  • #626692 by lasac, Berdir: Fixed deleting user causes mysql error.
  • #523064 by Berdir | nbz: Added tags in thread list.
  • #429488 by Berdir | nbz: Fixed #348907 follow-up: inline documentation of _privatemsg_generate_user_array().
  • #548188 by Berdir | igorik, jaron: Fixed validation and sorting bugs triggered by privatemsg_to.module.
  • by ludensjanos: Updated Hungarian translation
  • #630462 by nbz | Berdir: Added new message indication.
  • #507680 by Berdir | nbz: Changed Document query fragments.
  • #634632 by Berdir | nbz: Fixed check_markup() calls and check filter access for author.
  • german translation, 74 fuzzy, 24 untranslated strings
  • #564144 by Berdir | nbz, Gyt, igorik: Added paging to threads.
  • #446360 by Berdir: Updated translation templates
  • #634194 by raklar, Berdir: Fixed theming of the message actions area.
  • #564144 by Berdir | nbz, Gyt, igorik, andypost: Changed, improved and cleaned up thread paging
  • #446360 by Berdir: Updated translation templates
  • #646192 by Berdir: Fixed message send to yourself through API is marked inconsistently as is_new().
  • #564144 by Berdir, nbz: Added even more improvements to thread paging.


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