I hope I am not asking something obvious. But after hours of searching I still could not find a solution:
Where can I set the path the original images are being uploaded to? By default all of them end up in files/images folder.
Or is this setting hard coded (if so - where would I find the line in question?)

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Line 241 of imagebrowser.module. Good feature request though. If you want to create a patch where you can set a filepath in the imagebrowser admin settings and the variable get used on this line then feel free and I'll commit it :)

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Thanks a lot for the info - sufficient for what I need :)
I'd love to commit patches... but unfortunately PHP looks exactly like chinese to me :(

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I've done everything for adding filepath to imagebrowser admin site. It's working but only when this directories of filepath exist, so I want to apply some code to check theirs existance and create them if don't exist. But I don't really know how to do this (i'm not familiar with drupal API). I try several functions but neither of them works.
If you tell me i try to prepare patch (preparing patches is thing i need learn too ;) maybe you can give me some useful links/tutorials/instructions etc.)

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http://api.drupal.org/ is your best place. Some of these functions might help: http://api.drupal.org/api/group/file/6

And here's how to create a patch: http://drupal.org/patch/create


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i've already try functions:
and some other combinations with:
and neither of them (or combinations) work in way i want to.
probably i do something wrong - i will try again

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I've done this, please look and try how it works :)
Images path can be assign to each role.
Css file path is global. It doesn't depend on role, I think this is only solution since styles for every role are stored in one file.

I've also done some changes in README.txt file to make it a little more clear :) and to suggest users set defaults in admin pages

PS. I don't know if I've done patch file properly. If not tell me what is wrong

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