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If you want to write a piece about Drupal (either the community, the code or the site), there is a lot of information about the history, mission and community in the handbooks. In case you want to write an article and have specific questions that are not answered in our handbooks, make sure to search our site. If you can't find the answer, you can address your question in English to press AT drupal DOT org (ASCII mail preferred). We will answer these e-mails usually within one day.

Make sure you include the name and type of the medium you are writing for, the target audience and the language you will be writing in. By adding this information, we can help you with your answer, and we might also have a local contact who can help you out on a face-to-face basis.

Also make sure to capitalize Drupal when you talk about the community or the product and use lowercase when in an URL as Our official logo is called “Druplicon” and images are available online in high resolution (vector and bitmap). When copying larger pieces of text out of the handbooks instead of quoting them, please make sure to read our copyright policy.

In case you have already written an article about Drupal, we would like to hear about that as well. Please include an URL or if possible a PDF scan and mail this to press AT Drupal DOT org.

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