When I try to edit view while I am logged through my OpenID login (as admin, via openid module), drupal's response to every AJAX postback (like 'update default display' button) is 'access denied', and the following is logged:

Type access denied
Date ...
Uživatel Anonymous
Místo http://.../admin/build/views/ajax/display/MY_VIEW_NAME/MY_DISPLAY_NAME/use_more
Message admin/build/views/ajax/display/MY_VIEW_NAME/MY_DISPLAY_NAME/use_more
Severity warning

When I log out and log back in with my normal drupal username and password, everything works again.

Is there possibly different cookie being sent while being logged in through OpenID?


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Title: Ajax postbacks result in 'Access denied' for user who logged through OpenID » Ajax postbacks result in 'Access denied' for user who is logged in through OpenID
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Hm. Not that i know of; from the perspective of the module, a user should be a user regardless of how the user was authenticated. Seems like if there's a problem here, it's more likely to be with openid module or with configuration (i.e, the authenticated user does not have administrative access to Views?) than Views itself, which is just using Drupal's normal access testing.

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Should be testable -assigning to myself to attempt.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

I'm unable to replicate this; given that this is against a version that's 3 out of date, I'm going to won't fix it unless someone can replicate this against a more recent version.