Does anyone know if it's possible to show only the start and end date on the calendar? Thanks


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No idea what you are talking about here:
Start and end date of what?

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Sorry, I should have been more clear! So if you have an event that spans multiple days, the event will show up on each day of a month view that it spans, correct? What I was wondering is if you can limit or filter it so that the event only shows on the calendar once for the "from date" and once for the "to date"? Essentially the middle dates would not be visible. Is that a little clearer? Thanks

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I'd find this useful as well.

I'd love to mimic the gCal and iCal methods of showing events that span across multiple days instead of "duplicating" data/links on every day in between the start day and end day.


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You can find a nice example of ical, gcal type display of spanning events with the "litecal" module included in Open Atrium. This looks much better then an event on each day.

But I'm still in need of only displaying only the Start and End Date on a calendar, without filling in the in between dates, even if it was displayed better. No matter what your display of spanning events, if you have too many on a single calendar, it becomes unreadable. What I've actually ended up doing is displaying events using the Timeline module. This is actually better set up for displaying events that span time and that you have a lot of. I imagine you could create a calendar view that essentially turned a calendar into a linear event display, sort of like the Timeline module without the JS to scroll. Just don't know where to start on this one?

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I am going to close this issue as "won't fix"

There are some new options that address this issue, like the Calendar MultiDay submodule or the Fullcalendar module.
As for only showing the event on start and end days and not on days between, IMO, that is not worth the effort, and I have never seen similar functionality on other calendars (google, outlook, etc.).