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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:38

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--1-2:

  • feature #399806 by Manuel Garcia: Wrap the comment-notify form elements in a DIV and remove needless br
  • Updated Greek translation.
  • Updated translation template.
  • task #405736 by luron: New pot file for Comment Notify
  • task #402490 by levavie: RTL support for comment notify
  • feature #361449 by zyxware, aclight, greggles: provide better notifications for all replies to my comment
  • bug #410358 by Alex_Tutubalin: database scheme update code (PgSQL)
  • bug #409850 by greggles: Anonymous subscription affects comment_notify_user_settings table
  • bug #430428 by greggles: doesn't record subscription when only one notification type is enabled
  • bug #430428 by greggles: doesn't record subscription when only one notification type is enabled (one more example)
  • bug #434414 by greggles: node author not getting notified during anonymous comments and link to edit page not valid
  • bug #476526 by webchick: key() is not an array or object causes PHP notice and defaults don't work.
  • bug #442126 by greggles and martinjbaker: Typo in help text
  • task #487820 by merlinofchaos: Cleanup of comment_notify code
  • I swear I fixed this before...
  • bug #486752 by greggles: user default to no notifications not respected
  • bug #417582 by geggles: if only one subscription mode is enabled, users should only see one option in their edit page
  • bug #593958 by greggles: html tags in node_teaser and other placeholders.
  • feature #402988 by darktygur: Allow admin to set the node notify default
  • task #417542 by greggles: if user's don't have the ability to post nodes don't confuse them about a node-notify default and better db insert/update code
  • task #490364 by aclight: only send notifications if a user has access to the node
  • bug #624910 by neochief: more robust nid detection to support AJAX Comments
  • bug #617070 by greggles: Doesn't record subscription when only one subscription type is enabled (and lots more tests)
  • task #565562 by greggles: provide install instructions about the node-notification settings
  • german translation, by tobiasb see
  • feature #314630 by greggles and heyrocker: Add nid and cid replacements to allow things like a reply link
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