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Our team has created countless themes for Ubercart and seen others struggle with theming for this e-commerce suite that is ever growing in popularity. Fusion gives you a big head start when theming for Ubercart. If you don't need the Ubercart features, you can simply delete the node-product.tpl.php file (and node.tpl.php if you don't need it, since it will now inherit Fusion Core's node.tpl.php).

Product node template

Fusion includes custom functions for manipulating the display of Ubercart product data, and a custom node-product.tpl.php for easily moving these around.

Each Ubercart product class is a new content type, but all of these will use the node-product.tpl.php file.

Ubercart helper CSS

Fusion Core also includes some basic styling for Ubercart to help improve the display of your catalog grid and checkout.

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