I'm running Drupal 6.13, using the 6.x-2.x-dev dated Nov 6 2009. This is my first bug report, so I'm sorry if I miss any information or give too many details.

I've got a View of an RSS feed that used the Feeds module to pull in the data. I created a block and set the Style to Views Carousel and limited the items displayed to 5. My site's theme is a custom zen theme, so it might be messing up the styles in general. (At least I didn't notice any difference between using the IE7 skin and Tango skin.) However, when I try to set styles for .jcarousel-list-horizontal, it seems to be ignoring my custom.css file, which is located in sites/all/themes/myzen

If the carousel is set to horizontal, and the block is set to display in the header, then it stretches the entire width of my browser window - Screenshot. Each item is set to a specific width, which I can't seem to change. Here's the interesting bit though. I had Firebug open to look at the classes and styles for the section. As the script runs, the width of the containing div grows by an amount which I'm assuming is the width of the items or however many I've chosen to scroll by and the Left position also grows - Screenshot. Visibility is set to ON in the settings in this case, and it's been running for maybe 30 seconds or so.

Vertical carousels do a similar thing. The width of each item is half of the block, and it will show two items side-by-side, and then scroll them vertically to the next set of items. Here is a screenshot where you can see the block on the side, with items overlapping each other (Visibility was set to off) and the height growing - Screenshot. When the visibilty is set to on, then the items don't overlap, BUT the height grows infinitely(?), or at least it grows until the script throws an error - Error screenshot and Height screenshot. As you can see, the height is 1.5663e+7px.

Here's a screenshot that shows the settings I was using. I just changed Vertical and Visibility during these tests - Settings.

I hope this is not a difficult fix, since I really like the demos and screencasts for this module. I'm afraid I don't know any jQuery myself, and I'm still a Drupal newbie, so I haven't looked at the code.

Thanks for all your hard work on this module


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Any chance you can share a link to where this is happening. It's hard to troubleshoot without seeing the actual css/js.

I have yet to see this happen before :). Oh, and welcome to the issue queues.

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I could very well have mucked something up in the settings.

Here's a link to a page with 4 demos on it. It'll lock up after awhile and show the script error. My testing so far has been in FF. I just checked IE and it looks different there. It also throws a script box up - There's a script taking up lots of resources, do you want to stop it, etc.

The site is a Sandbox so there's no real content. Please don't try to log in. Direct link to a demo

There's 4 slideshows on that page, which might make it difficult to look at for you. If there's a problem, I can separate them out, but I was in a bit of a hurry to do it before I left work.

Thank you very much for taking a look at the problem.

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What happens if you use a wrap other than circular?

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It looks like... the horizontal slideshow with visibility on works ok (wrap is set to Last). The width and offset still grow to the thousands but they reset to the original values when it wraps.

All of the other slideshows stop working entirely. I've got them on Last, First, Both.. anything except Circular or Disabled and they don't run at all. I split them up on their own pages so it's hopefully not quite so confusing. Each page also lists the carousel settings.

BTW, changing row-style to Node seems to make no difference. I'm not sure where the height and width of the slideshow items is coming from. Changing it to display nodes doesn't change the width, so it's really crammed in there. Still 3 across on the vertical shows.

If I have time later today, I'm going to set this up on a different drupal installation that's pretty vanilla and see if maybe there's something on our site that's interfering with the views carousel module.

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This may seem a bit silly. But, can you try this with the 1.x-dev version and see if you have the problem with that one?

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aha! The 1.x-dev version works pretty well. All the slideshows work, but only if Visibility is set to On. The horizontal scroll with Visibility Off will scroll about 20 pixels or so and then stop. Width of the items displayed is still an issue, especially in a vertical display.

There's still some funky overlap on the vertical displays as well. The browser no longer freezes up with script errors. But after letting the shows run awhile, circular ones seem to get out of whack. I'll just see the tail-end of the entry and lots of blank space in a vertical display, or I'll see a tiny part of an entry flash by in a horizontal display.

I've changed the pages to match the new settings, but the 4 links above still work if you want to have a look yourself.

Unfortunately, I'm under a deadline at the moment, so I can't spend any more time messing around with this until mid-December. Thank you very much for your help so far mfer. I do hope to figure out what's going on eventually.