With issue #422386: Option to remove "reply" links from comments removing the unsightly "Reply" text from each comment, wouldn't it make sense to also remove the respective "Login or register to post comments" text that anonymous users see on each comment?


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If the above is added to the module. I'd like to see it as a separate settings entirely and not tied to the linked patch.

I may want to remove the reply links but prefer to keep the reminder to anon users to login.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

The option to remove reply links was not and can not be a full success in D6. Because of that it only works in some setups. This option would be the same and I really don't want to add another option like that. I have already considered taking out the previous option as the only way to do it is through the theme layer and since many themes and modules change the links there is no good way for flatcomments to know what to change. So this is better handled at the theme layer per site.