I've succesfully installed the database (57 tables), and the next step says to configure the settings.php file. I've searched everywhere for this file, but it appears to be non-existent! Where is this settings.php file stored and how can I find it to edit it?

-Alec (a first time Drupal user)


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If it isn't there, you probably need to either download another tarball or make sure it extracted properly.

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wherever you extracted drupal to, settings.php is in sites/default.

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So in my case it is in C:\programs\xampp\htdocs\drupal\sites\default\settings.php
Yours might be along the lines of http://mysite.com/sites/default/settings.php

If you still can't find it and drupal is installed on your own computer you can use the windows search function Start>Search>Files and folders. Then type in the file name and search on local hard drives. It should be there somewhere unless you downloaded the wrong install file. Not sure about that though.

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I found mine. How do I reset it to false?