I'm wondering if it's possible to make use of noderelationship extras on locked CCK content types (or was there a reason for restricting the use). I've got a cck field that I define through content_field_instance_create which is locked but I'd like to still be able to use noderelationships with it. Another option would be to have some form of API through which noderelationships could be defined, but for my purposes this 1 line patch works. (patch applies to noderelationships.inc)

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Good point. I'll commit this later.

For everyone's reference, here's the history of the locked attribute of CCK fields:

- #289138: Locked field support.

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ooh thanks! (or is it considered rude to thank people in issues?)

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Thanks to you for pointing this out. :)

Committed to CVS.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.