Why create an overview of screencasts and videocasts?

As a beginner, I find screencasts and videocasts very useful to learn more about installation and features. In addition, video demonstrations show you exactly how certain modules work without having to install them. As a consequence, I have started to collect links to various video resources. It seems would help the marketing efforts to make it easy for people new to Drupal to find a great variety of Drupal screencasts and videos in general.

When available, I will list two links per screencast. The first link will be the link to the page about the screencast. The second link will be a ´hot´ link directly to the video file. This hot link may not always work when websites have hot link protection enabled.

An overview of screencasts

Installing Drupal 4.7

Upgrading to Drupal 4.7

What's new in Drupal 4.7

Flickr stickr module

Menu system

Zacker on Organic Groups

Drupal Mashup Machine about the modules: Google maps, Content Creation Kit (CCK), Views, Node Import, GMaps, Location

Installing Drupal 4.7 in 3 minutes

Creating a Static Site in Drupal with a Menu (Drupal 4.6.6)

Other Drupal videos: Conferences, User meetups

Boris from Bryght on the CCK

Boris from Bryght User meeting

Audio and video recordings of the 2005 Drupal conference
The audio and video recordings of the 2005 Drupal conference are all BitTorent downloads for which you need to have BitTorent installed, which can be downloaded for free at http://www.bittorrent.com/.

Overview page of 2005 Drupal conference

The state and future of Drupal - Dries Buytaert (42.3 MB)

Theme development - Steven Wittens (41.5 MB)

Metadata-driven workflow - John VanDyk (65.3 MB)

The content construction kit - Jonathan Chaffer (70.2 MB)

Multimedia in Drupal - James Walker (47.6 MB)

Drupal as an e-commerce platform - Matt Westgate (30.8 MB)

100% availability, scalability and security with Drupal - David 'Kat' Monosov (63.4 MB)

Drupal as a contact relationship management platform - Neil Drumm (40.9 MB)

Closing debate (14.7 MB)

Drupal video repositories

Drupal repositories you may find useful to find future screencasts and videocasts.





Video node type and video tagging on Drupal

Perhaps the Drupal community can agree on a common tagging term that would allow all screencasts to automatically be listed in a Drupal screencast directory even when the screencast are not hosted on Drupal?

I can also imagine creating a new node type on Drupal.org called screencasts in addition to the node types pages, forums, etc.. This screencast node type would have several fields specific to screencasts, i.e.
- Title
- Author
- Description
- Version of Drupal
- Modules (other than core modules) used in screencast
- Link to extended description/documentation
- direct link to screencast
- Bittorent link
- Movie file format
- File size

Creating screencasts

As far as creating screencasts goes, I don't have any experience. The Wikipedia page on screencasts looks interesting though.


P.s. I have tried to include as many screencasts as I could find, but obviously I may have missed quite a few. If you post a comment about the ones I have missed I will add them to the list above.


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You never realize how much stuff there is out there until it is all put into one place! Thanks for making this list.

- Robert Douglass

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There are lots of video materials out there right now already. And I expect there will be more and more video tutorials about Drupal scattered all over the internet in future. That's why I would be in favour of creating a central repository on Drupal.org by tagging videos consistently for the feed aggregator and by creating video node types on Drupal.org so that everyone can submit their video tutorials to a central space (i.e. the already active page http://drupal.org/videocasts). People interested in video tutorials would be helped a great deal. In addition, the handbooks can then be enriched by referencing the many video tutorials.

As I see the necessity of video tutorials, I have taken the opportunity to raise this issue of leveraging the tutorial videos on the Drupal marketing section as well.


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(Is anyone more used to the term screencast?)

I think that child pages should be added to the videocasts page. I'll start doing that this afternoon, if that is OK. Also, mirrors of the screencasts (assuming the license permits) should be uploaded to Drupal's OSUOSL web space, to avoid huge bandwidth bills and to keep the video from being lost forever in the event the creator's webspace gets hosed and they have no backups.

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I use the term screencast to indicate an instructional videocast which shows what happens on screen. A videocast can be a screencast, but also any other video recording, i.e. a presentation at a Drupal conference. In other words, a screencast is a subcategory of videocast.

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It depends on the quality of the movie. If someone's just taking a raw screen capture with minimal editing I call it a screenscast. If someone has gone to the trouble of writing a script, creating title slides and editing the movie together, then it's a videocast.

I've started to put together an outline for how Lullabot has been building their videos. I hope this encourages others to contribute as well ;-)

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Brian wrote:

I think that child pages should be added to the videocasts page. I'll start doing that this afternoon, if that is OK.

That would be great!

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Mango, you win today's community service award mate. Thanks for this list.

FWIW, I would love to see a series on themeing developed. I have trouble with that more than anything. Lullabot, I would gladly pay you Friday for a themeing tutorial series today ;-)

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Hello! I posted elsewhere in the documentation forum, but I figure this is probably the best place for this.

I started an (almost daily) Drupal Screencast "class" which is designed to jump start anyone who is thinking about using Drupal, or is very new to Drupal and get them understanding the "Drupal way" of building a site.

I've started by providing a video using a Fantastico install, and a manual install, and will be covering content creation, basic administration, some configuration scenarios (I'll try to stay focused with that), installing a couple themes, installing a couple modules, and lastly I'll be focusing on deeply customizing a theme based off of a template.

The goal is to have someone who watches the entire series at least understand how various aspects of Drupal work and know what kinds of questions to ask for more help, or begin creating sites with Drupal right away.

Link: Dudertown Drupal Class

If I have time today I might enable the drupal module and comments on this page so people from this site can leave feedback/critiques/suggestions


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Hi Telielio,

That looks like an amazing initiative!

Keep up the good work!

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The overview of videocasts has been moved to http://drupal.org/node/63155. You will find the most complete and up-to-date overview there.

Please post all comments and additions there so that the overview can be maintained in a single location.


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Here is a link to 30+ free Drupal training videos. There is a Youtube version on the site and a full screen hosted version delivered daily.


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DrupalCamp24x7.org - A drupal only video tutorial site good to bookmark.