If you are on the Checkout Page or Cart Page and click the remove button on the block you get sent to a page that comes up blank.

Example: /uc_ajax_cart/remove/item?nid=10&destination=cart&data=YTo0OntzOjEwOiJhdHRyaWJ1dGVzIjthOjA6e31zOjU6Im1vZGVsIjtOO3M6OToic2hpcHBhYmxlIjtOO3M6NjoibW9kdWxlIjtzOjEwOiJ1Y19wcm9kdWN0Ijt9&action=remove

If you go back a page it still shows the item in the cart until you go to a different page or refresh.

This happens if I'm logged out and logged in. But it only happens on the Checkout page and Cart Page.


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This is a common problem.

Cart Page:

- I will provide a new cart view with ajax support, so cart block and cart view will be consistent.

Checkout page:

- For next version checkout page will be reloaded if you remove something in cart. ( In next alpha release this will also the solution for cart view )

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Status: Active » Fixed

Should be fixed in 2.0 - beta2

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.