I am very happy with drupal running smoothly along with gallery2 since some months.
No i came across google calendar, and it would really simplify the interaction and communication with my website members if we could get it integrated somehow into drupal.

But before that, just a general question: How would i do to embed another site (containing links to itself) into my drupal website into a node, and not letting it to 'escape' if i click on a link.
I know i could use an iframe, but it should really be embedded though.

And here we come to google calendar. Since i first thought about the iframe solution, i figured out that i could not get the password to send, so the user would need to log on additionaly in the iframe.

So the final thought is to embed google calendar into the site in a node, but i really do not know how i could do this. I think a sort of 'wrapper' would be needed in order to pass the request to google, get the google content, modify all the links, and then push it on the site.... this sound like a big task...

but propably i overlooked something... would there be any way to get this done?

many thanks in advance,


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oh no, i just found out that it seems not really possible, at least for google calendar, since it uses ajax.

this would go for the iframe method now, i think...
argh. i just came on this idea because google calendar looks so nice :-)

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You can embed google calendar--

Go to settings > tinymce > cleanup and output > verify html mark to false.

Then, in the page you want to embed the calendar, click the HTML button and paste the code in that way. It should show up then.