I am experimenting with the forum module and noticed in the forum code that it is currently not possible to add terms from other vocabularies to forum documents. Within the taxonomy edit form of a vocabulary I am able to associate the vocabulary with forum document types, but the dropdown with terms is not visible when I add/edit forum documents. Why is it not possible to select additional terms for forum documents?


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Here's the link to a patch Dries has prepared to enable term selection from other vocabulaires. Thank you ;-)

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I applied the patch to the forum code, but noticed that forum containers became visible in the forum vocabulary dropdown box in the edit/add forum document page. From what I understand from forum containers is that they do not consist of forum documents but merely function as 'containers' for other forums. I also noticed that selected terms from both the forum vocabulary as well as the other vocabulary were not saved. Who applied this patch for drupal 4.3.2 successfully? Any tips would be appreciated.

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FYI: that patch has been committed to HEAD.

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...still see the bugs I mentioned before in drupal 4.3.2:

  • forum containers are visible in forum dropdownbox when adding or editing a forum topic.
  • breadcrumb does not include the associated forum container when opening a forum topic.
  • selected terms in forum dropdownbox and other vocabulary dropdowns are not selected when editing a forum topic.

Who can help me out here?