Hi Mario,
I tried the feature and I think somethings goes wrong or the funktion has to be expand..

"# you can choose to allow or disallow users to see the current results before voting. If set to disallow, anonymous user can never see the results. "

I can't see the result as admin/author in the node - have to use views to watch the result?
I would suggest to expand the rules to:

1. The author of the node and a special user role can view the results
2. All can see everything

The thing with anonymous user is not flexible enough.

Cheers Kai


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Hi, Kai
I see there is little bit of confusion about results issue. For now it is most complex stuff in pollfield. Basically, you have two layers of permissions on results:

1. you can choose who can see results by setting permission "view pollfield_results" in /?q=admin/user/permissions. If this is not set for anonymous users they can not see results on any circumstances. This is a first thing to do if you want other users to see results.

2. second layer is option on pollfield settings where you can choose if user can see results before voting. This option means that if anonymous or authenticated user identified by any means (user id, cookie, IP) will not see results before voting. Only exception is if there is no selected identification for anonymous (Allow option) then anonymous users can not see results because there is no way to identify them. Results also can be seen through views (use Format: results) which permission is regulated by "view pollfield results".

This module is very strong connected to CCK and Views. This gives a very powerfull and flexible mechanism you can explore in many ways. All this beautiful stuff will be published in documentation. I am still exploring those possibilities. If we can find something useful which can not be done by CCK and Views I be glad ti implemented. Also it is great that you exploring all aspects of module and that you are so interesting in contribution to this project. Thanks again.


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Hi Mario,

Is there possible something like that I know from another websites, that by default you see voting form, but under vote form is link
"show results" which change voting form to poll results?
IMHO something like this is the best thing of usability - you can vote, but if you don't want, and you want only see the poll results, you can easy got it.
Currently in Advanced poll, users have to vote for something (and then the do poll results wrong ) if they want to see poll results.


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I found that it is not possible to see poll results before voting.
It is really pity, this option is really useful for people who don't want to vote but they want to see poll results.

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It can be done using views. There is formatter that shows only results. You can build the views and link to it if someone want to see results. There is also option that people can see results before voting.

I hope it helps let know if you need clarification about it.

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"There is also option that people can see results before voting."

And how do I achieve that?

Is it possible to have a clear documentation on how to use this module and achieve specific configuration options?

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I am having the same problem,

Global permissions are set for all roles (view pollfield results field_poll)
Local permissions to view results are set to allowed,

in view: I choose the results format.

I still can't see the results before voting.

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It can be done using views. There is formatter that shows only results. You can build the views and link to it if someone want to see results. There is also option that people can see results before voting. .

The last sentence, there is also option that people can see results before voting. That option does not work.

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Ok this option does, indeed, seem to work. It's nothing fancy tough, just drops the results under the poll. I would suggest some kind of jquery toggle with a slidedown and slideup..? Maybe even a integration with modalframe, but heck ok it does work.

Only thing is tough, there must be atleast one vote to show the results. When there is no vote casted it will not show the results. Which it in my eyes should show. So even when there are no results it should show it since i as admin tell the module to show the results.

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Here's a little jquery flavor to make a little toggle for the results.

	if($("#pollfield").is(':visible') && $("#pollfield").html()!='') {
	  if($('.pollfield-form .form-item').is(':visible')){
	    var $this = $('#pollfield');		  
	    $('<a href="" id="pollfieldToggle">Resultaten weergeven</a>').insertBefore('.pollfield-form #pollfield');
	    var pollToggle = $('#pollfieldToggle');
	    pollToggle.click(function() {
		  $(this).text($(this).text() == 'Resultaten weergeven' ? 'Resultaten verbergen' : 'Resultaten weergeven');
		  return false;

This could use some more love, but this is all i know how to give it

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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev

First of all, Thank You for a great module!
I've got 7-2.x dev installed and it works quite well for a dev. One thing that I'm curious about: Is there a "Show Results" option in this dev release? Could not find it. I'm using it for limited group of users. No anonymous stuff.

Is it possible to make something like this in Views?