There is a a conflict between panels 6.x-3.0 & administration menu modue 6.x-3.0? I've installed both and when I go to Create Content --> panel from the admin menu or when I go to Panel from /admin/node/add , I get page not found.

When I disable Admin Menu, I can create content --> panel


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also, users without Panel creation rights are getting a Panel option in their Create content menu. it points to node/add/panel but gives them a prermission denied message.


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I'm having the same problem and commented on it over here in the Panels issue discussion:

If I take the 'admin' part out of the address I can get to the panels page. But clicking on it through the admin module or through the standard "create content" page does not work.

As #9 headcwebteam says, " instead of /node/add/panel it was /admin/node/add/panel. "

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Thanks for taking the time to report this issue.

However, marking as duplicate of #502500: Re-add Create content. Please search for existing issues before submitting a new one.
You can follow up on that issue to track its status instead. If any information from this issue is missing in the other issue, please make sure you provide it over there.