ds 7.x-2.14

Release notes

#2503653: Per node template suggestion introduced a regression. This release fixes those problems.

Download Size md5 hash
ds-7.x-2.14.tar.gz 129.02 KB 82193cb185ab89530b356a2022503de4
ds-7.x-2.14.zip 179.44 KB 7e65df813d9b859e4dde336f7dd6b1f3
Last updated: April 26, 2016 - 18:56
Official release from tag: 

ds 7.x-2.13

Download Size md5 hash
ds-7.x-2.13.tar.gz 129.01 KB ad648ce6e793a80ac6827e45d7982de9
ds-7.x-2.13.zip 179.44 KB 6c262f55346c67ed634f8a954cf83519
Last updated: February 11, 2016 - 17:23

Release notes

Fix integration for Fieldable Panels Panes.

Official release from tag: 

ds 8.x-2.3

Release notes

This version requires a drupal core version equal or higher than 8.0.2

A list of all the changes

Download Size md5 hash
ds-8.x-2.3.tar.gz 105.67 KB 00792fc51e67bbcfc69a35de59285e12
ds-8.x-2.3.zip 201.93 KB 216288f62480c1b700bdda92a3d506a9
Last updated: January 16, 2016 - 20:03
Official release from tag: 

ds 7.x-2.12

Release notes

Bug fix release

Download Size md5 hash
ds-7.x-2.12.tar.gz 128.49 KB a231a7e7ff6c3ec519471363fe0edcc0
ds-7.x-2.12.zip 178.95 KB eee82b0a97aee894d617d446002cf363
Last updated: January 16, 2016 - 14:13
Official release from tag: 

ds 8.x-2.2

Release notes

Changes since 8.x-2.1

Download Size md5 hash
ds-8.x-2.2.tar.gz 103.2 KB 68eb50c587924106c03014758160bc12
ds-8.x-2.2.zip 196.11 KB d025b6eecb3cda16dfa7d153b09b5d7b
Last updated: December 10, 2015 - 20:08
Official release from tag: 

ds 8.x-2.1

Release notes

This is the second stable release for Display Suite.

New features added

  • Block field labels are translatable
  • Manage display tab will now appear on every entity that integrates with field UI
  • A new theme suggestion is added so you can target the layout on node level.
  • Devel integration is fully ported now

Template cleanup

  • All the templates have been revised and simplified.
  • We deprecated region_classes but kept a BC layer.

Bug fixes

Download Size md5 hash
ds-8.x-2.1.tar.gz 102.45 KB 20572d11d302b5249ddc387e64c85b94
ds-8.x-2.1.zip 193.94 KB 94e295eb1ae65b0a8bbad6e6033e2f92
Last updated: December 3, 2015 - 19:08
Official release from tag: 

ds 8.x-2.0

Release notes

The first official Display Suite release for Drupal 8.

THANK ALL OF YOU for testing and providing patches!

Download Size md5 hash
ds-8.x-2.0.tar.gz 100.39 KB c05912459d316f34ab559ad2f1beecb4
ds-8.x-2.0.zip 188.39 KB 0eb28f13118e5ae39e808df7788d3f78
Last updated: November 19, 2015 - 13:24
Official release from tag: 

ds 8.x-2.0-rc1

Release notes

First release candidate.
You need at least alpha19 of the layout plugin module.

Download Size md5 hash
ds-8.x-2.0-rc1.tar.gz 98.98 KB 09daeba70f40f6797c34c02113a87052
ds-8.x-2.0-rc1.zip 186.11 KB 73603a6c1896d219437f0849d01169dc
Last updated: November 16, 2015 - 19:24
Official release from tag: 

ds 8.x-2.0-alpha11

Release notes

Compatible with RC1

Download Size md5 hash
ds-8.x-2.0-alpha11.tar.gz 97.9 KB a2362863aca606bbbc60fa9544b883d2
ds-8.x-2.0-alpha11.zip 182.27 KB e5d5e52e814e32da46651f843c730eac
Last updated: October 8, 2015 - 19:03
Official release from tag: 

ds 7.x-2.11

Release notes

Issue #2492661 by Erik Frèrejean: Incorrect field info api documentation for 'block fields'
Issue #2507163 by aspilicious: Block regions cannot be deleted following upgrade to 2.10
Issue #2497445 by aspilicious: Upgrading from DS 7.x-2.8 > DS 7.x-2.10 changes view mode on nodes from full content to default on page
Issue #2493145 by artis: Typo in recent commit for Token support in 7.x-2.x branch
Issue #2490932: Undefined property: DatabaseConnection_mysql::$sid in node_ds_search_execute() (line 488 of ds_search.module)

Download Size md5 hash
ds-7.x-2.11.tar.gz 127.71 KB 6a9f4dbdc8621eab619bc652dcb0b18e
ds-7.x-2.11.zip 178.13 KB 62066af5fc17b750626dcaf326534d1a
Last updated: July 24, 2015 - 08:03
Official release from tag: 

ds 7.x-2.10

Release notes

This is a bug fix release for a bug that is affected many websites using ds search. See #2385835: Adding 'theme_hook_original' triggers PHP warning in theme_ds_search_page

Download Size md5 hash
ds-7.x-2.10.tar.gz 127.63 KB 43b848251d46b40aeef4f7dc6a3d1f4e
ds-7.x-2.10.zip 178.07 KB fcd078f42a2cec24480c883b92d6c762
Last updated: May 21, 2015 - 08:08
Official release from tag: 

ds 7.x-2.9

Release notes

This release contains various bug fixes and a couple of new features.

New features:

  • Enable/disable view modes per content type
  • Ability to Disable the CSS file added on Layouts
  • Replace tokens in layout attributes
Download Size md5 hash
ds-7.x-2.9.tar.gz 127.59 KB 98fb7eb7403c6941d65aaca5a8ea793d
ds-7.x-2.9.zip 178.02 KB 1a092838ea9594575146f12f2076942e
Last updated: May 21, 2015 - 07:58
Official release from tag: 

ds 8.x-2.0-alpha10

Release notes

Major update for drupal 8.
Lots of bug fixes.

Download Size md5 hash
ds-8.x-2.0-alpha10.tar.gz 98.54 KB 7553bbeb2d274b4a14b5b89de4405eae
ds-8.x-2.0-alpha10.zip 181.14 KB 0b9ef9b96e8907a219b3a6d83f02a198
Last updated: April 15, 2015 - 21:33
Official release from tag: 

ds 7.x-2.8

Release notes

Download Size md5 hash
ds-7.x-2.8.tar.gz 126.47 KB dd30e87871a11bf11ee223ec14a20cd2
ds-7.x-2.8.zip 176.96 KB 5339a0b16bb371ac1513e7ec04f4bf76
Last updated: April 15, 2015 - 14:23
Official release from tag: 

ds 7.x-2.7

Release notes

Issue #2345543 by lorenx: Fixed undefined variable.
Issue #2288345 by axe312: Added token support for region classes.
Issue #2324537 by mitrpaka: Fixed Odd/even classes for field items.
Issue #2284575 by stefan.r: Fixed Node display test fails if site is installed in a subdirectory.
Issue #2289845 by thirdender: Added ds_render_user_picture should use format_username.
Issue #2291887 by MXT: Added FIGURE to custom wrappers.
Added odd/even classes to grouped elements

Download Size md5 hash
ds-7.x-2.7.tar.gz 126.42 KB 2d3c2a0d46bcaf49abedce49e35f3852
ds-7.x-2.7.zip 176.91 KB 98a3fb324e5ef532d08c87e685c6e318
Last updated: October 28, 2014 - 08:03
Official release from tag: 

ds 6.x-2.4

Release notes

6.x-2.4 2014-04-11
This release contains a number of updates which have been available in the -dev
release for some time, as well as a few UX improvements.

#1455750 by xtfer: Empty regions should not render

Download Size md5 hash
ds-6.x-2.4.tar.gz 62.2 KB f4d09e4abae12873551d4d4f9c863b19
ds-6.x-2.4.zip 78.65 KB 97be70a21dfe67e07f5c4edc9778c7fc
Last updated: April 11, 2014 - 02:14
Official release from tag: 

ds 8.x-2.0-alpha9

Download Size md5 hash
ds-8.x-2.0-alpha9.tar.gz 106.46 KB cf28ae9d6265660a82a32eff58ac9892
ds-8.x-2.0-alpha9.zip 190.85 KB 7a488d2037302288995fb864f987a874
Last updated: February 19, 2014 - 19:53

Release notes

This release is compatible with the alpha 9 release of Drupal core.
Don't use this on production sites.
API's are not yet frozen.
Please test and reports bugs in the queue.


Official release from tag: 

ds 8.x-2.0-alpha4

Download Size md5 hash
ds-8.x-2.0-alpha4.tar.gz 106.12 KB 16a6bd0022d9966f83b724c4daac7668
ds-8.x-2.0-alpha4.zip 190.6 KB fef768b7674dcd1b68caaea89f3f6066
Last updated: October 18, 2013 - 19:51

Release notes

This is the first Drupal 8 Display Suite release. It works fine with Drupal 8.0-alpha4. Not all the features are ported yet to Drupal 8.

Official release from tag: 

ds 7.x-2.6

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-2.5:

  • #2077943 by swentel: revert block field changes.
  • #2078637 by swentel: fix states and jquery version problem.
  • #2078687 by swentel: fix comment post date.
Download Size md5 hash
ds-7.x-2.6.tar.gz 123.69 KB c064706a88b5b68f5afbf1301cb88888
ds-7.x-2.6.zip 172.53 KB 1f95897dd10551291e82f6093f9a6bbb
Last updated: September 4, 2013 - 14:36
Official release from tag: 

ds 7.x-1.9

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.8:

  • #2072019 by a.milkovsky: Fixed Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in check_plain() (line 1559 of includes/bootstrap.inc).
  • #1673602 by swentel | joericapens: Fixed Node title labels are not translated.
  • #1867668 by swentel: fix notice in case $form['module'] does not exists.
Download Size md5 hash
ds-7.x-1.9.tar.gz 112.37 KB fd0dd2b06be592831f132da38b872670
ds-7.x-1.9.zip 152.39 KB 6cfb4aef5cb1acf8918072f8c2643c82
Last updated: August 30, 2013 - 09:31
Official release from tag: 


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