I'm using the default calendar, setup to work with my "event" content type.
Calendar has a 'Day view" under Views. How can I get a block going that shows ONLY events that are happening today? I'm b

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set your date in the block view = to "now"

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Where do I set this? A more thorough explanation please?

I've got everything else working as I'd like, I'm just finding it tough to understand Arguments/Relationships/Attachments, Advanced Help doesn't make it any easier.
Any advice on how to master Views?

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create a block view, name it today's events or whatever suits you
set up your fields you want shown
set up your filters, including a date filter
when settings up the date filter

set your operator to 'is equal to'
set the date default to 'now'
set your granularity to 'day'

you will also want to filter by your content type that you are using for events and any of the other options available; whether the events are published,

with reagrds to the rest of the set up, I can't help with out knowing the name of your date field and the name of your content type.

attaching my overall view set up as an image. see attached.

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I'm trying to accomplish the same thing using the Date API Module. So there is Date - Start Date and Date - End Date.

For my calendar, i have regular 9-5 events mon-frid and then sat and sun is all day events.

I have it set up so that all week, todays events work perfectly, but once the weekend comes, its almost as if it thinks of the 2 all day events as one event because on saturday is is sundays event and on sunday, it is mondays events.

Here are a couple screen shots of my calendar: