Why do I get a filter tip on my CCK form that says "lines and paragraphs break automatically" on a single-line text field? Is this removable?


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On the configuration page for that field, you need to select plain text instead of filtered. The setting is toward the bottom of the page.

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I don't want plain text. I want to use the URL filter to turn web addresses into clickable links.

Let me rephrase my original question ... I understand why "lines and paragraphs break automatically" would be displayed after a multi-line text area. I'm not sure why it appears after a single-line text field, which wouldn't have line or paragraph breaks.

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I see. Drupal will display the filter tips that apply to the input format you are using. If the end user doesn't have permission to change the filter, they'll see whatever you set as the default. You can create a new filter if you don't want to see that tip under admin/settings/filters.

Or, you could use the cck link field: http://drupal.org/project/link