This might be a task way to huge for the moment but nevertheless I want to open this issue for discussions sake.

I played around with this module and noticed that I can translate polls created with pollfield. However translations are separate nodes and therefore it seems that the translated poll is handled as a new one. Even if I have voted on my english poll I can vote again on the german translation. The correct behaviour from a practical standpoint would be that answer one in the original node and answer one in the translated node are handled the same. I should only be able to vote once and a vote vor answer one should count for all enabled languages.

I suspect this would require some major structural changes but I am by no means a coder.


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You pointed good question. I agree with you if you vote on the poll you should not be able to vote on the same translated poll. Multi language is something which must be consider with care. You are write; this is not by any means trivial task. What major changes will be required I don't know yet. It depends how smart solution will be. But I have some idea in what direction to look and maybe in the same way solve some other features requests. Also, I must say your remarks where extremely useful as this one too. When I have something usefull I will post it, meanwhile any suggestion is welcome.

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Priority: Normal » Minor

This is still a good issue to consider, but yes it would require a ton of work. I also don't think this issue it a high priority right now, given the other issues to I am marking it as minor for the foreseeable future. Leaving it active.

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Very important for me too.
Great module!