commerce 8.x-2.0-alpha2

Release notes

Blog post:

Reminder: Commerce 2.x alphas are NOT production ready. No upgrade path is provided between alphas, a full reinstall is needed each time.

Changes since 8.x-2.0-alpha1:

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commerce-8.x-2.0-alpha2.tar.gz 126.67 KB 0f07a502008280f3501e5ffc45d2e84f 288.58 KB f9e08e8e6e4a2ccd04b08d7993f2dc54
Last updated: January 22, 2016 - 15:38
Official release from tag: 

commerce 8.x-2.0-alpha1

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commerce-8.x-2.0-alpha1.tar.gz 115.15 KB 8ec9c5c65400816c9b4b05f9b0719756 262.19 KB ca167a7a0d1e9f5047019d78f1d40157
Last updated: December 25, 2015 - 16:28

Release notes

Initial alpha.

Read the release announcement, and follow the installation instructions to try it out.

Note: Make sure to use the latest -dev version of Drupal 8, cause 8.0.1 has known bugs that affect Commerce.

Official release from tag: 

commerce 7.x-1.11

Release notes

Includes a critical bug fix (#2407319: commerce_customer_field_widget_form() must set #parents before calling field_attach_form()) that was breaking the address form on the order add/edit page under Addressfield 1.0-rc1 and later.

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commerce-7.x-1.11.tar.gz 373.14 KB 948ab5d78a0ee7e23c28d3df8f585ab6 506.78 KB 1bfe052ba96d175684468d0cace18fc2
Last updated: January 16, 2015 - 16:43
Official release from tag: 

commerce 7.x-1.10

Release notes

Drupal Commerce 1.10 is primarily a bug fix release that addresses the vulnerability described in SA-CONTRIB-2014-087 - Drupal Commerce - Information disclosure and a variety of smaller bugs. The information disclosure fix includes an update hook that cleans usernames created by a default checkout completion rule to remove the host name from e-mail addresses used as usernames.

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commerce-7.x-1.10.tar.gz 372.69 KB aad5b6bbdf089c6f3550b3f04fd8ca1e 506.3 KB 68f9f348fde52c7a62195ae8f88ed245
Last updated: September 10, 2014 - 16:33
Official release from tag: 

commerce 8.x-2.x-dev

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commerce-8.x-2.x-dev.tar.gz 136.79 KB d59be8b1b84c166baf88342be1ca121a 312.73 KB 61d3f50bd3d71488968d025f6fd448b9
Last updated: February 12, 2016 - 14:44
Last packaged version: 8.x-2.0-alpha2+31-dev

Release notes

Nightly development snapshot.

2.x development is happening in our GitHub repository.
The issue queue is still used to coordinate development.

Want to contribute? Join us for the Commerce 2.x office hours every wednesday at 3PM GMT+2 on the #drupal-commerce IRC channel.

Development release from branch: 

commerce 7.x-1.9

Release notes

As of this release, Drupal Commerce on depends on Drupal 7.22 or greater for its field_info_field_map() function. Drupal 7.24 and 7.26 were security releases anyways, so upgrading is a Good Idea (TM).

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commerce-7.x-1.9.tar.gz 370.06 KB 1fa0211d155f7e75e3a57c1a6cbd63e9 498.15 KB 665ce32099e5f23c47f47953bb89eec8
Last updated: March 5, 2014 - 23:23
Official release from tag: 

commerce 7.x-1.8

Release notes

Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.8 is primarily a bug fix release, though it brings with it new features and UI improvements related to internationalization and our Views integration. Thanks in large part to bojanz, it is now possible to translate interface text configured via settings forms and field forms using i18n. For more information, follow his meta translation issue.

To update, simply replace your existing version of Drupal Commerce with the 7.x-1.8 release and run update.php.

Changes since 7.x-1.7 (27 commits):

  • #2046841 by rszrama: update the docs for the back_value parameter of hook_commerce_checkout_page_info() to clarify that it's specifically for going back to previous pages, not exiting from the checkout process via the cancel button.
  • #1940794 by jonhattan: remove unnecessary Rules dependencies from the Product and Price module .info files.
  • #1850642 by facine: correctly use the hidden value for symbol and code placement keys in currency info arrays.
  • #2046449 by zterry95: fix the currency formatting for CNY.
  • Add some missing parameter documentation to commerce_cart_add_to_cart_form().
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commerce-7.x-1.8.tar.gz 361.05 KB f1f8036c5dc006d641f504d2126ae4e7 490.56 KB 77b6fa75ffecd9059ba49c39a46b33a5
Last updated: July 23, 2013 - 19:51
Official release from tag: 

commerce 7.x-1.7

Release notes

This is a minor maintenance release primarily pushed to fix the regression in Commerce 7.x-1.6 that prevented product image fields injected into node displays from linking to their node displays (as opposed to the product admin URLs). The release also addresses minor issues in the checkout pane settings form and checkout form validate / submit handlers.

Changes since 7.x-1.6 (10 commits):

Download Size md5 hash
commerce-7.x-1.7.tar.gz 359.62 KB bedfde3ae336892df9a433990b8fc77a 488.8 KB 2d611fb989b77c8169e4a01490e2084c
Last updated: April 30, 2013 - 05:10
Official release from tag: 

commerce 7.x-1.6

Release notes

Note: if your site has non-required multi-value product reference fields that contain empty values, you may see notices when they render. If so, this has been patched here. Apply the patch or update to 7.x-1.x-dev to watch the notices magically disappear.

API changes

There are a few new functions available to use in this release noted below, but worth special mention are two very minor API changes that may require you to update code. They are:

  1. As part of #1361562, we changed commerce_field_activate() to not automatically clear the field cache if it enables a previously disabled field. If you were depending on it to flush the cache before, you should now examine its return value and clear it yourself if need be.
  2. In #1863776, we reduced the footprint of the Add to Cart form by no longer storing the entire entity in the form arguments in whose context the Add to Cart form is being rendered. Per the patch, we instead only store the entity ID and leave it up to functions interacting with data in the entity to load it themselves.

Changes since 7.x-1.5 (54 commits):

    Download Size md5 hash
    commerce-7.x-1.6.tar.gz 359.44 KB 951cd47b652aabd411e562c29ce7dbe4 488.62 KB 014dc0a57ba6474584916565d788dce4
    Last updated: April 10, 2013 - 22:40
    Official release from tag: 

    commerce 7.x-1.5

    Release notes

    As of the previous release, Drupal Commerce depends on Drupal >= 7.15.

    Drupal Commerce 1.5 is a maintenance release incorporating 42 patches from 21 contributors around the world. This includes 14 new contributors to the project, some of whom scored their first commits as Drupal contributors. : )

    These patches fixed a variety of bugs, improved performance, and added new features to the core of Drupal Commerce, including:

    • Improved Rules integration! We fixed a longstanding issue where conditions on pricing rules that loaded orders caused recursion in the calculation process. We also added a condition to compare against the quantity of products of a particular product type on an order.
    • Product revisions are now integrated with Views, including a tab on product admin URLs to view the revision history and a relationship to include revision information in product Views.
    • Customer order view pages now have local action links for administrators to quickly jump to the order edit form for the order.
    • Improved entity access control, including the resolution of a longstanding issues pertaining to line item access.

    See the full list of changes in the notes below.

    Download Size md5 hash
    commerce-7.x-1.5.tar.gz 358.03 KB 61f53b99d48441ef3f64a4a7e73981ac 485.35 KB 1f326a39440ab3393d1d1d485872a685
    Last updated: February 13, 2013 - 09:55
    Official release from tag: 

    commerce 7.x-1.4

    Release notes

    Drupal Commerce now depends on Drupal >= 7.15.

    Drupal Commerce 1.4 is a maintenance release incorporating 87 patches from 40 contributors around the world. These patches add a variety of new features to the core of Drupal Commerce and make it more performant and suited to international usage. The release notes summarize some of the main changes in the new version and includes a full changelog for the curious.

    New features

    The Add to Cart form and checkout form have both seen improvements. Most notable on the checkout form is the new setting to allow copying of fields from one customer profile to another. This feature was a part of the Commerce Shipping module but was moved to core and designed to work server side across multiple checkout pages and even between customer profile types that may have different fields. The Account information checkout pane was also updated to support e-mail address verification through double entry.

    We included a variety of Views integration improvements, including adding a missing handler, updating area handlers for Views 3.5, supporting redirect destinations on our entity operation links, and adding a node filter to only show product display nodes.

    Finally, we added a few features to make it simpler for site builders to build product pricing rules. Foremost among these is a new Price comparison condition that supports multi-currency price comparisons and accepts input in major currency unit decimal values instead of minor unit integer values (i.e. compare in Dollars or Euros instead of Cents). We also added a read only computed property allowing you to use the generic Data comparison condition against these major unit decimal values.

    Download Size md5 hash
    commerce-7.x-1.4.tar.gz 354.77 KB 18bf64b33ecb54e91d38a840f563a879 482.08 KB 5720bde4e68ef9239b074514b40e304a
    Last updated: October 22, 2012 - 00:11
    Official release from tag: 

    commerce 7.x-1.3

    Release notes

    I'll update this node to include a summary of changes in a bit. For now, just be sure to run update.php after updating to the new version.

    Change log

    Changes since 7.x-1.2 (64 commits):

    Download Size md5 hash
    commerce-7.x-1.3.tar.gz 345.41 KB 827c1fde0fa75a5bcea3bc10f2b2aadf 468.12 KB 8a7191fe6f114d7677136b37108f0cee
    Last updated: May 9, 2012 - 17:51
    Official release from tag: 

    commerce 7.x-1.2

    Release notes

    Drupal Commerce 1.2 represents the efforts of 25 credited contributors and many others who reported bugs and usability improvements and helped test the solutions. This release primarily improves Drupal Commerce's performance and usability while including a variety of minor bug fixes, API improvements, and a minor security fix as described in SA-CONTRIB-2012-014 - Drupal Commerce - Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

    Read on for a brief description of the changes since Drupal Commerce 1.1, notes on updating from previous versions, and a full change log of commits.

    Download Size md5 hash
    commerce-7.x-1.2.tar.gz 340.96 KB a7ac902711ce7c3e1722a015f41f2013 461.48 KB bcffdc62370f237b79c01e978029c020
    Last updated: January 25, 2012 - 22:00
    Official release from tag: 

    commerce 7.x-1.1

    Release notes

    Drupal Commerce 1.1 is here! This release contains 95 commits credited to 30 different contributors that fix a variety of bugs and make some minor feature and API improvements.

    Drupal Commerce 1.1 details

    Drupal Commerce 1.0 has proven to be very stable overall, with no critical showstoppers arising in the last three months that would have forced a point release. This is thanks in large part to the automated testing systems set up by Damien Tournoud and rfay and the variety of core automated tests contributed and maintained by the community.

    Instead we get to release a 1.1 on our own schedule the brings improvements to a variety of areas at once, including:

    The full list of changes can be viewed in the changelog below. Some items represent minor API changes or additions, and these are noted in the notes below. The changes to the theme layer should not affect existing CSS, as classes were preserved even where an improper span was changed to a div.

    Download Size md5 hash
    commerce-7.x-1.1.tar.gz 321.09 KB 62942795e7c21e385631659ac241ea1b 435.62 KB 4023427916d93268f7aa5580f049ca42
    Last updated: November 29, 2011 - 07:35
    Official release from tag: 

    commerce 7.x-1.0

    Release notes

    At long last, the final 1.0 release is here! We've been supported by so many contributors and other community members, and we couldn't be happier. Thanks so much to everyone who helped with patches, bug reporting, support, and documentation. We're extremely happy with the way things have turned out, and it was a lot of fun to roll the release "live" with a screencast and pictures at DrupalCon London.

    Download Size md5 hash
    commerce-7.x-1.0.tar.gz 307.73 KB d4eb672998468ec255d8be694a4d3779 420.68 KB a48447f1758c25b14fdc35b0ed9ee9b6
    Last updated: August 23, 2011 - 18:36
    Official release from tag: 

    commerce 7.x-1.0-rc3

    Release notes

    This release simply fixes a regression introduced by #1223046 in the RC2. See the previous release notes for what's substantively changed since the RC1.

    Download Size md5 hash
    commerce-7.x-1.0-rc3.tar.gz 305.07 KB 925dfa96685e2cbed1b549b77a56ebb0 417.73 KB 933777cd2b82eb8f9fe8d0366638ceba
    Last updated: August 11, 2011 - 15:31
    Official release from tag: 

    commerce 7.x-1.0-rc2

    Release notes

    Note: We rolled an RC3 to fix a regression introduced by #1223046.

    This release incorporates a number of very helpful bug fixes for developers. We're paying special attention to mitigating as many errors as possible for developers working with the EntityMetadataWrapper, and we wanted to get these fixes out to you as soon as possible. The full list of changes are below, but the primary things for you to take note of are:

    • Products with NULL prices will no longer cause wrapper errors. They will instead be treated as disabled products and will therefore be unpurchasable.
    • When entities referenced by other entities are deleted, we no longer use the entity metadata wrapper to avoid a majority of the errors that were being reported. We're now doing a direct deletion ourselves, which is just as well since we want to ensure references are deleted from every language in a reference field.
    • Our entity access function has been seriously cleaned up, meaning all entity permissions should actually work properly now. This does mean you need to ensure your users have access to view their own orders if you want them to have access to them on their account Orders tab.
    Download Size md5 hash
    commerce-7.x-1.0-rc2.tar.gz 305.01 KB 6ba485c1fce1535f3b3e2957e616f394 417.62 KB 5b66fbe0d0050c12820fe8b9939f5086
    Last updated: August 11, 2011 - 04:36
    Official release from tag: 

    commerce 7.x-1.0-rc1

    Release notes

    With this release, we're moving forward in our development cycle to the release candidate phase. While in release candidate, we're doing aggressive testing and bug fixing on any issues that pop up. If all goes well over the next few weeks, we'll call it a 1.0 in preparation for DrupalCon London. We may or may not have additional release candidates depending on whether or not any serious bugs get reported or database updates are required.

    Update instructions:

    If you are updating from a previous release, you should first test the new release in a development environment. Do not attempt to update initially on your live site in case something goes wrong!

    You should start the process by updating all of your Drupal Commerce dependencies to the latest tagged releases. This includes Address Field 1.0-beta1, Ctools 1.0-beta1, Views 3.0-rc1, Entity API 1.0-beta10, and Rules 2.0-beta2. Then update to the latest version of Drupal Commerce and run your site's update.php.

    If you're updating from a version prior to 1.0-beta4, you should also review the notes associated with that release. There were reported API and Rules integration changes that you must take into account.

    Additionally, since beta4, three changes will require manual intervention:

      Download Size md5 hash
      commerce-7.x-1.0-rc1.tar.gz 298.87 KB c732e70e3e8f4a5e284c26bd4905ec4e 411.51 KB b4ae588e34385cc2b71a5893d3731c95
      Last updated: July 14, 2011 - 17:21
      Official release from tag: 

      commerce 7.x-1.0-beta4

      Release notes

      Notice: if you are updating to beta4 from a previous version, you should use instead the latest dev version to ensure your permissions are automatically updated when you run update.php. If you have already updated straight to beta4, you just need to re-enable permissions for your roles manually.

      Key points:

      • Token names and Rules parameter / variable names have changed to uniformly use the commerce prefix.
      • Permission names have been unified around a single entity access control system.
      • This release (as those before it) still requires the latest dev versions of our dependencies; as soon as Views and Rules have new releases, we'll be pegging our release compatibility against actual releases for those projects.
      • You must run update.php for your custom Views / Rules to be updated and for your role permissions to be converted to the new names.
      • You should NOT update until any contributed modules you're using specify they are compatible with this release or later.
      Download Size md5 hash
      commerce-7.x-1.0-beta4.tar.gz 282.53 KB afeee457f68ac8165e2d5ad22c5f75e0 391.26 KB 1816536cef09b979d5e667af3da4f37b
      Last updated: June 11, 2011 - 06:05
      Official release from tag: 

      commerce 7.x-1.0-beta3

      Release notes

      Drupal Commerce 7.0-1.0-beta3 comes almost two months after the initial beta releases (beta2 being a quick release to address missed files). A lot of work has gone into ferreting out some bugs as more developers put the Commerce modules to the test in varying situations. Even though a majority of the commits for this release are one-off bug fixes and feature improvements, this release does represent focused efforts in the following areas:

      • bojanz updated our Views integration to accommodate the new UI improvements in Views after participating in the Views UI sprint himself.
      • We've improved our Rules integration with support for Rules' "unchanged" entity parameters and additional actions and conditions. Of particular note is the new "Order address component comparison" condition that simplifies the process of configuring a rule to be contingent on some aspect of an order's address.
      • Usability improvements were contributed from several new contributors, standardizing interface elements and removing some unnecessary items. Combined with the new address condition, the Tax system has received particular UX attention. It still has a ways to go, but the situation is much improved over beta2.
      Download Size md5 hash
      commerce-7.x-1.0-beta3.tar.gz 273.18 KB e4da46e99b11fb772e386a0db242b5e2 382.99 KB 442e1a6ec13ee20b32582015a11891fb
      Last updated: April 23, 2011 - 06:31
      Official release from tag: 


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