I get asked a lot if I know anyone looking for Drupal work. I know a few people but trying to keep track of who is and who isn't just to answer random people who ask me doesn't work very well. So I decided to make a wiki page.


If you are currently taking on Drupal work, add yourself to the list. It's your responsibility to maintain your own row in the table so, if you are going to use it, please keep it up to date.

If you are looking to hire someone, make sure you heed the warning that people on the list are not being vouched for by anyone. It is an unmoderated list and very much buyer beware. It's meant as a list of potential people to contact and nothing more. If you want to limit your search to only people with a known track record of service to the community, use http://drupal.org/drupal-services instead.



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Michelle, would you kindly add me and my company http://adaptivethemes.com to the table, right now (and for the last several weeks) I have not been able to login to g.d.o, I posted an issue about this but nothing has been done to fix my account.

Grumpy Jeff.

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I can add you, send me what you want to see there as a message.

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Doing this when all the accounts are messed up is bad timing. :( I just got yet another email this morning and hit that point where I decided to take the time to do it so I have something to tell these people.

If you can't log into g.d.o, leave the following info in a comment here and I'll put it in the table:

Contact / Website
How soon available
Size of projects
Types of projects

Once I have it added, I'll unpublish the comment from this thread since it's been said before that TPTB don't want "I'm available" posts in this forum.


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Hi, thanks, I just sent bara.munchies an email with those details, so once he has that up we can wipe out these comments - yeah the g.d.o logins are a real mess, I actually get someone else's subscriptions and everything... hope it resolves soon.

Its been added, we can kill these comments - thanks!

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You're not the only one in the same situation, so let's leave it for now. If anyone else needs help, follow what I said in the post above. :)


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Name: InfoBeans
Contact / Website: Mitesh Bohra, mitesh.bohra@infobeans.com, www.infobeans.com
How soon available: Always
Size of projects: $5000+
Types of projects: Drupal implementations, customization, CMS migration from legacy to Drupal, Web 2.0 sites implementation, eCommerce systems implementation
Other: We specialize in CMS for magazine publishing industry


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I'm still having trouble with my login info. But here's what I'd like added, if you don't mind:

Phillip Lamb
Any size
Full site development, module development, some theme work.
Just moved to France from the US, but I'm available EST 9-2. Have been developing in Drupal since late 2005.

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Rather than making this an editable wiki page you should really be setting up a simple content type and running it through views. People are going to go in and put their listing on the top etc. Not to mentioning making coding errors and breaking the table.

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I have no access to do such a thing. This isn't meant to be complicated. It's just a simple list. And, if someone can't handle copying and pasting a table row in HTML, they really shouldn't be putting themselves out there for Drupal work. LOL!


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i think it's worth a try. see how it turns out.

will this be a stick thread or how can people find out about it?

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I just went to add myself, and there is no clear order to most of the entries so far. Some have gone alphabetical, but not everyone. If alphabetized is good enough, and no one objects, I'd be willing to do some cleanup. And if you're wondering, my business Trailhead Interactive would be closer to the bottom than the top.

It would sure be nice to have a content type we could add ourselves to :) Then we could have a random rotation, gmap, sort by filters, proximity search, etc... I'd be interested in creating something like this if d.o would have it. I might just submit a feature request to the queue...

Chris Miller
Trailhead Interactive

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I've added a feature request:


Please post your thoughts if you're interested. I'd be willing to prototype and help maintain such a feature.


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i just did an alphabetic sorting. don't ask for permission ask for forgiveness :)

Lets see how it develops until there is a better solution. still think it works quite well for what it is now.

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I don't mind, but there's no way to enforce people adding themselves in the right spot, so it's probably going to get messy again. Hopefully the fact that this list has gotten so big so fast without very much promotion will show that there is a real need to have something more formal in place for this.


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thanks for this guys... i have listing my self to there...

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Thanks Michelle,

I just added myself. There seems to be more or less an alphabetical order...So I added myself where I thought was my place...Hope that's fine,

Thierry Heumann

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We are a human rights organisation. We had a website using Joomla, but the site starts getting very slow. Hence, we closed it. A friend advised us to use Drupal. We bought a photoshop design for a site.

We are looking to use it with Drupal to create our site. We would very much appreciate your advice. The problem we are facing that out finnacial ability is very weak as most of us are students, hence we can not afford hire a developer, but we can pay something
Thank you

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Hi Michelle,

Can you add me as a freelancer who is ready to do drupal/php work?

Please let me know what details you would need from me.

Thank you,

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I made it a wiki for a reason. I don't have time to update everyone's listings for them. I offered briefly when the big account changeover had some people in limbo unable to use g.d.o but that was a while ago. Everyone should be able to use it by now so, please, take care of your own listings.