When I add Taxonomy Page Title, only h1 is changed, page title stays the same - term itself. I would like h1 to be the taxonomy term itself and page title to be changed to what I have entered into Taxonomy Page Title field. Isn't that purpose of this module?

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I also wondered a bit about this... but it looks to be the way how this module was designed and designed for. You may like to use page_title module...!? I also need this and need to investigate on the page_title module. If it support this it may be a by design, otherwise it sounds like a valid feature request.

Code wise there is a drupal_set_title($title); - I wonder why it may not assigned...

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Do you like to change head_title? I'm not sure if the implementation here makes much sense, but here is a patch to implement this. My feeling is - page_title module may be the better way... need to investigate myself, too.

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Checked out page_title module and the patch above currently collide with the page_title module (could be a weight issue, not sure). Using a Vocabulary token like Foo [cat-raw] | [site-name] works for me.

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Thank you for the patch. I'm surprised this isn't default.

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the call to drupal_set_title should do the trick of getting the page title to update to the same thing as the page heading. It *is* default behavior to set the page title as well. I'll look into why it's not being set as it should.


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Fixed. Now the drupal_set_title does it's thing, and the preprocess function rebuilds the values based on the new title.

I have resolved the conflict with page_title by providing token support (http://drupal.org/node/575440) and disabling the rewriting of the meta page title by this module, when that module is active.

committed to dev branch, new release coming shortly.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.