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Sometimes it's useful to programmatically create a node. There are at least two methods, and here's one appropriate for the most basic of content types, the page:

  $newnode = new stdClass();
  $newnode->title = 'title';
  $newnode->body = 'whatever full html you like';

  global $user;

  $newnode->uid = $user->uid;
  $newnode->name = $user->name;
  $newnode->type = 'page';
  $newnode->format = 2;     // 1 means filtered html, 2 means full html, 3 is php
  $newnode->status = 1;     // 1 means published
  $newnode->promote = 0;
  $newnode = node_submit( $newnode );
  node_save( $newnode ); 

The above is good for story content type nodes too, but once one starts dealing with more complex content types, ones that require the user to fill out a form to create a node of that type, the above logic is lacking. See for an example using drupal_execute(); a technique able to simulate the user filling out forms.

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Hey guys,

How to achieve that in Drupal 7?

anubhav.sahoo’s picture

its pretty much the same except for the following change:

$newnode->body =array('und'=>array(array('value'=> 'body')));

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this code must insert in function (function modulename(){ instruction}) or what?

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Hey guys,
How to programatically create a simple 'product' node of ubercart and how use the taxonomy reference term?

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What's the D7 version of
$newNode->format = 2;


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