The token [site:uri-brief] is used in password reset email, but this token is not defined.


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Is this still valid?

As far as I can see the specified token is not used in those messages:

case 'password_reset_subject':
        $text = t('Replacement login information for !user-name-token at !site-name-token', array('!user-name-token' => '[user:name]', '!site-name-token' => '[site:name]'), array('langcode' => $langcode));
      case 'password_reset_body':
        $text = t("!user-name-token,

A request to reset the password for your account has been made at !site-name-token.

You may now log in by clicking this link or copying and pasting it to your browser:


This link can only be used once to log in and will lead you to a page where you can set your password. It expires after one day and nothing will happen if it's not used.

--  !site-name-token team", array('!user-name-token' => '[user:name]', '!site-name-token' => '[site:name]',  '!one-time-login-token' => '[user:one-time-login-url]'), array('langcode' => $langcode));
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Status: Active » Fixed

Did a quick grep, 0 matches for [site:uri-brief]!
This is fixed :)!

Thnx j.somers!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

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