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Note: this instruction seems not to work / is not clear with views v. 6.x-2.8

When using views to override the "Taxonomy/Term" page the breadcrumbs on "Taxonomy/Term" pages do not work anymore (I only get "Home", nothing more).
To fix that -
Home > Adminster > Site building > Views > Edit "taxonomy_term" (override) > Arguments:
In the argument "Taxonomy: Term ID" choose as validator "PHP Code" and enter the following code (without <?php ?>) that will fix that problem:

if ($argument && is_numeric($argument)) {
$current = taxonomy_get_term($argument);
$current1 = $current;
$breadcrumbs[] = $current->name;
while ($parents = taxonomy_get_parents($current->tid)) {
  $current = array_shift($parents);
  $breadcrumbs[] = l($current->name, 'taxonomy/term/'. $current->tid);
$breadcrumbs = array_reverse($breadcrumbs);

if ($current1->name) return TRUE;
else return FALSE;
} else return FALSE;

This code is inspired by solution of this problem to Drupal 5 at

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Can't reproduce fix in 6.x-2.8. Is "Taxonomy: Term ID" in "Arguments"-block? Do you mean "Taxonomie: Term ID (with depth)" or "Taxonomie: Term ID depth modifier"?

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Is there a solution for Drupal 6 yet?