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MD5: 08510e36ade64d4527d0e157765592c8
SHA-1: 9bde45aeeb17f9c52a37f5ddef313db17c1319cc
SHA-256: 333c26671b204fa757eac56102dbebefa4e0c729da95b10cc9036234650a10d6
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MD5: 1f16c4af896224c8eaeaa4c434b36f08
SHA-1: 310b325afe0d245d4d9cba21a5037079bbe7dd46
SHA-256: 5926714fe7a9f99d4b4ddeee1e3dd553211c7a7631502e1a904989d088b1125c

Release info

Created by: Dave Reid
Created on: 8 Oct 2009 at 19:19 UTC
Last updated: 16 Mar 2014 at 22:43 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Why is it called unstable?

The unstable version is actually quite stable itself. The whole reason the 2.0 version was created was for performance, scalability, and reliability. The reason it's in unstable phase is because the APIs aren't finalized yet and I don't want people to donwload the 'dev' builds because I don't have control over when those are generated. The dev builds may happen to be re-packaged while I'm in the middle of writing a feature or fixing a bug, and so it may not work correctly.

Changes since DRUPAL-6--2-0-UNSTABLE4:

  • #557268 by Dave Reid: Added X-Robots-Tag header to XML and XSL output to help prevent the actual sitemap from being included in search results.
  • by Dave Reid: Removed stray whitespace.
  • by Dave Reid: Removed stray whitespace.
  • #558344 by Dave Reid: Fixed error when deleting taxonomy terms. This core form workflow is seriously messed up.
  • #562940 by Dave Reid: Added a requirements check if there is an existing sitemap.xml file in the website root that will not allow the module to work.
  • #480490 follow-up by Dave Reid: Homepage paths for domain-based languages did not get the proper language object.
  • #480490 follow-up by Dave Reid: Always the sitemap's language when generating URLs.
  • by Dave Reid: Split the actual file reading and output code from xmlsitemap_output_chunk() into xmlsitemap_output_file() so it can be re-used by derivative modules.
  • #533582 by Dave Reid: Fixed invalid changefreq values for nodes created during cron execution.
  • #585028 by Dave Reid: Include the base_url option in the XSL link, just in case.
  • by Dave Reid: Fixed query that caused NULL violation on PostgreSQL.
  • by Dave Reid: Incremented update function name to make sure this query runs if it failed before.
  • by Dave Reid: Fixed undefined index error in _xmlsitemap_get_version().
  • #594956 by digi24, Dave Reid: Fixed broken logic and incomplete tests for xmlsitemap_switch_user().
  • by Dave Reid: Added assertFlag() for testing and discovered a bug in xmlsitemap_save_link().
  • by Dave Reid: Fixed bugs in xmlsitemap_update_links() and the auto-regenerate-flagging feature.
  • #549626 follow-up by Dave Reid: Fixed invalid {xmlsitemap}.access values.
  • by Dave Reid: Fixed failing tests.
  • by Dave Reid: Fixed xmlsitemap_i18n tests with language-specific links not having proper language during generation.
  • by Dave Reid: Added todo for xmlsitemap_install().
  • by Dave Reid: Removed unnecessary enable developer setting in tests.


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