The Utilities module has a contrib that collapses packages on the modules admin page. Obviously this is incompatible with the MF module. Is there any kind of API that we could perhaps work with to make them compatible (MF might help solve an issue we have with Util)?


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BTW, Util also has a contrib that adds a weight element to the modules admin page. I have not yet tried to see if it is compatible, but it would be nice to work on both.

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Title: Work with Util's System Modules contrib » Breaks Util module's weight feature
Category: support » bug
Priority: Minor » Normal

Just reporting that the use of the "tabs" feature in module filter completely breaks the weight feature of Util module. I also had to set the weight of module filter to 1 to be sure it ran after Util.

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Useless module until it works with Util, a major Drupal add-on suite

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Title: Breaks Util module's weight feature » Doesn't add Util module's weight field in own table column
Component: Documentation » Code
Category: bug » task

Technically Module Filter does not break the Util modules weight feature. The Util modules weight feature simply does not work with Module Filter when Module Filter is set to use tabs. This is because Module Filter themes out the system_modules differently. The Util module also tries to make its necessary changes to the system_modules theme in order to alter the weight field into the table(s). The issue then comes down to what theme function actually gets called, Module Filters or Utils (whichever module is set heavier).

In that respect this is not a bug in the code but a task needing to be considered. There are options to consider and can be implemented by Module Filter or Util to fix this issue. Module Filter can make the necessary additions to the code to allow Util modules weight feature to work and have a lower weight than Util or Util can run its own version of the theme function Module Filter runs. That being said, code wise I think it would be simplest to do in Module Filter so Util doesn't need to keep up to date on any changes that might be made to Module Filters tabs theme. I only quickly looked over the Util module code and I think the changes needing made are to simply add the drupal_alter calls to system_module_headers and system_module_weights.

@jvieille Basing a modules usefulness off of another contrib module that it is not dependent on or directly related to will not produce an accurate judgement on "usefulness".

I just tested and the weight field does render out and function as expected, it just isn't in its own table column. It renders under the description column. So the changes suggested above would only be to alter cosmetics.

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@greenSkin Thanks for this exploration. You are right that "usefulness" was not invoked apprpriately.

I hope that this interesting module can evolve to being compatible with Util. Unfortunately, I am not coding wise enough to contribute.

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IIRC, there is a core issue open somewhere to allow other modules to add new columns to that form. Until that is accepted, Util adds the weight to the end of the description column rather than duplicating all the code for that page.

Also, IIRC, UTIL pre-dates Module Filter, so it was never intended to work together. And, other than the tweakig I did to get it to work in D6, that code hasn't been touched in years.

@greenSkin: I agree that it would be nice for them to work together. If you can do it on your side, that would be even nicer. If weighting is needed, please let me know and I'll set up a hook_enable() to change the weight of the Util sub-module.

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