I m using CCK content to make a directory of member of an organization. For example, let s say i have a "member" content type, in whihc i have details about the member (contact, groups... informations about his role in the organization). I have make this member content type a content profile node.

Now, if i create drupal users (ie USER1), in order to give possibility to the drupal user USER1 to view/edit his existing member profiles, content profile is doing the job. The problem is that the administrator have already created his profile as a member node without having assoicated hime to a drupal users.

So, as many of the member do not have email and will not have a drupal account, that s why we can't create first them as drupal users and then fill their content profile.
Our process is :
- 1 - admininstrators create evevery member content type corresponding to all ou members
- 2 - When a user want to join drupal site, he only creates his login/passwd/email, without the possibility to view/edit his content profile member on the registration
- 3 - Administrator associate the new drupal users, his content profile already created in 1.

Actually, when i register a new user, i can see his member content profile, but all fields are always empty (quite normal). What i need would be to fill or autocomplete his content profile with a content profile's node already created in the past.

I do not know if it s possible to make this ?
Thanks in advance for your support.


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Having such autocomplete function would be nice indeed. I think, the scenario you describe is quite common.

In the meantime, to get users associated with a member node, you can set "authored by" (under authoring options) in the member node to the user account you want the member node to be associated to. If you do that, you end up exactly with what you want, because it's the same as what Conten Profile does: profile nodes (in your case, the member node) are associated by setting the author to the user it belongs to (correct me if i'm wrong).

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Thanks for your answer, using the "authored by" options is resolving my issue. It would be better having such autocomplete user's function as node reference is working... but for the moment, your solution will do the job.

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How did you manage to create nodes of the Content Type Member, while you not have associated them with a user.

So, as I understood, you have a content type 'Member', this content type is used as Content Profile (check the option: 'Use this content type as a content profile for users').

When I want to add a node of the Content Type 'Member' (node/add/member), Drupal is telling me: 'This user already has a content profile of this type. You can only create one profile per user.'.

So how did you manage to create member profiles this way.
The other way around is no problem (Adding an suer and then creating a member profile), but I would like to create member profiles and later on assigning them to users.

Did you manually create the member profiles or did you use an import?


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Ok, I already figured it out. When creating a new member, make sure you clear the 'Authored by:' so it is set to anonymous.