I would like to write a module that is what taxonomy_title does but for a whole dictionary. My module should run before taxonomy_title - it would build the title by a string inserted for the vocabulary the term belongs to + the term itself. Only then, the taxonomy_title module should run and override specific terms if they have a specific title.

If I implement hook_taxonomy() and hook_preprocess() in both 2 different modules: 'a' and 'b' - which is overriding which?

Back to my question now; if I want my hook overrides to run before taxonomy_title ones, should I call it:
1. taxonomy_auto_title - alphabetically before taxonomy_title, or
2. taxonomy_vocabulary_title alphabetically after taxonomy_title.



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It sounds like you are asking for token support and nothing else...!? This should go into #575440: Provide token for taxonomy title - code

Otherwise you are able to "name" your module as you like! The *last* one wins if $variables are overridden. You can give your module a "weight" in the system table and make hereby sure the order is correct if needed.

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Thanks hass!

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