Just a tip for anyone using the SecurePages module along with IMCE, if you use only the default settings for SecurePages and then turn on the "Switch back to http pages when there are no matches" option, you'll generate a javascript error in some browsers when you use the IMCE window to insert a file or image. This error will prevent the "Send to..." link from showing up.

The issue is that IMCE loads up from the path "/imce". If you use the default SecurePages settings, all the admin and node creation pages will be served from https instead of http, and with the redirect on, IMCE will be served from http, unless you add "imce*" as one of the pages that should be secured.

In some browsers (Firefox at least), the http served IMCE window will not have permission to access the page that opened it, which is served from https. Therefore, it has no valid target to send the URL of your file to, so it doesn't create the link.

Adding the imce path to the secure pages list will solve the problem.

Hope that saves some people some long hours of debugging. :)


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This post helped me tonight. Thanks.

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To be clear, you need to add:


To the "Pages:" box.

Tim Knittel

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Ah good tip. Always wondered about this - never really researched it until now. Thanks

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Yeah, this just ended my long search for help. Thanks for the write up! Worked perfectly.

Queries that I wish would've gotten me here...
IMCE images not linking back to dialog box, IMCE and CKeditor not linking, IMCE file browser not sending link, IMCE FCKeditor not linking, IMCE uploaded file not working.

Hopefully this will help someone find this faster than I did.

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I had the bug... Knew this was why... Thanks for the quick solution!

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Ahhh, this was driving me crazy! Thanks for the quick fix!

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Thanks for this!! This works like a charm!