I have a galleria displaying in a page. When you click on the big galleria picture, it opens a Lighbox (using lightbox2). So far so good.

Question: How can I add a little URL link in the lightbox so that you can click on it and it takes me to another page?

When Lightbox2 opens on other page images (not in galleria, but other nodes like pages with pictures in it), it includes a little link that I can set and it takes me to that page node. How can I achieve the same effect with the galleria lightbox?

To recap: I'd like to include some text and maybe a URL link in the lightbox that opens when you click on the main galleria picture. How do I do this?


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You can't do this, because Galleria images aren't node type. This means You can't put a link to image node like in other galleries.

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With the latest Galleria Drupal Module, and try use it this way:
Use Galleria images as node.

Just a lead, I have not tried it.

b) Using Galleria with an imagenode and a nodereference gallery:
In this mode you'll create one single node per image. An additional gallery content type will hold a
nodereference field. Creating a gallery is a multi step process, but images can be reused across galleries.

For this to work, you need the References module from http://drupal.org/project/references.

1. Create your image content type or alter an existing one.

2. Add an image field to your content type. Only allow ONE single image per node.

3. Create your gallery content type or alter an existing one.

4. Add a nodereference field to your content type.
Make sure you reference the content type from step #1.

5. Go to the "Manage Display" page of your gallery content type. Set the "Format" of your nodereference field
to "Galleria". To the right of the select box you can now choose the option set to use for this Galleria instance.
For details on option sets, see "Configure Galleria" below.

6. Upload some images, add titles if you want. Create a gallery node, reference the images and view the node.
You should now be able see the images in the Galleria display widget.