Has anyone figured out a way to export content from a PHP-Nuke site and convert it to Drupal? I'm getting pretty disgusted with PHP-Nuke and I'm considering switching one Nuke site (which was hacked twice in less than a week) to Drupal.


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Please search for existing topics or pages first:

Migrating from PHPNuke.

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It only tells how to migrate themes & users, which I'm not too interested in. I have a lot of articles I don't want to lose which I'd like to convert.

Mike Cohen, http://www.mcdevzone.com/

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I recently converted a site from postnuke to drupal. I used the pn2drupal SQL script as a starting point, after tweaking it a bit. The script is located at contributions/sandbox/nirvanis/pn2drupal in the CVS tree.

The changes I made included renaming "themes" to "story topics" (since that's what they really were, not themes in the drupal sense) and adding values into the sequences table, since those are really needed after the conversion.

In the same manner, I converted postnuke's phpbb forum module to forum topics for drupal. I cleaned up the SQL I used and put it here: http://woodentub.com/pn2drupal_forums.sql

Anyway, the pn2drupal script converts users, stories, and some vocabulary. The script above does forums and some sequence data (needed to allow your users to add more articles, vocabulary, etc.).

Just remember to backup your data first, and test-test-test.

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