abaca 6.x-1.0

Release notes

initial release.

Download Size md5 hash
abaca-6.x-1.0.tar.gz 61.73 KB c3709116e747b19be9a7d18ffaf47122
abaca-6.x-1.0.zip 67.04 KB 9db69119ef3af578fcc30f6657542770
Last updated: 24 Dec 2010 at 22:23 UTC
Official release from tag: 

abaca 7.x-1.x-dev

Download Size md5 hash
abaca-7.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz 62.24 KB bdc2442a1d744cd6bf14d05241898091
abaca-7.x-1.x-dev.zip 67.73 KB d6210b1197e4621d984f06d13e098de9
Last updated: 30 Sep 2013 at 14:41 UTC
Last packaged version: 7.x-1.x-dev

Release notes

initial release

Development release from branch: 
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