We have installed TinyMCE and from then we have problems with text formatting, line breaks and

. When I make copy&paste it looks OK in editor but on the site it isn't good formated. We tried with Past Plain Text but it is the same.

Doesn anyone know the solution what should we do in order that we have good line breaks and that when we enter

that on the site be shown Read more and not

? What should we do if we want to copy text in TinyMCE and that it looks the same like from the source?

When I click on disable Rich text below TinyMCE editor I have to click several times because several times shows the box of editor.


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Created a new input filter for tinymce as expalined in read me file

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Make sure that you inpt type is Plain HTML and NOT Filtered HTML (tries to keep line breaks). If you are pasting text that was pre-formatted somewhere else, use the 'remove formatting' tool (bottom row just before the table icon) to clean out any pre-existing formatting when you paste text. Sometimes you may need to clean once, submit the page, and then open it for editing to clean again if there are remaining pre-formatting changes to be made

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I had exactly the same problem with TinyMCE in Drupal 7, because of a newbie misstake when creating a new content type.

When I created the new content type I changed the body field "FORMAT" to "Plain text" instead of "Default" so when I changed it back to default the textformatting worked fine=)

Took a couple of hours to realise that, hope this answer will help other newbies in the future.

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...And two years into the future you have just saved me a headache. Thanks!