Biblio is turning out to be a very useful module, and I am beginning to see new potential.
Particularly, I would like to build a content type around authors which appear in the 'biblio_authors' field, particularly last authors, so that these authors could be featured on my site, integrating their publications with their profiles (institution, research focus, etc...).

I was not clear on the relevance or progress on 'Porting Biblio to CCK' (, so my apologies if the following request is redundant.

Perhaps this is best served by rendering a 'biblio' field type to CCK, where the CCK subsequent submission page would present the content creator with a list of biblio fields to reference.
As the list of authors may be overwhelming for drop-down display in the client's node creation view, 'auto complete text field' may be a reasonable mode of reference.
Perhaps it is then trivial to display all literature for a given author's node.
This feature would go a long way towards integrating biblio data with other database content, and greatly facilitate Drupal-based higher-thought :o)


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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

I think this is a specific use case that would be satisfied by full support of CCK, so marking as duplicate of #682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module.