Hi All,

I have been tried and lots of install and re-install for two weeks. The Imagecache is still not working. My environment:
Window Vista
XAMPP Windows 1.7.2
(Apache 2.2.12, MySQL 5.1.37 + PBXT engine, PHP 5.3.0, OpenSSL 0.9.8k, phpMyAdmin

The imagecache is configured correctly, and the sites\default\files\imagecache\[preset]\1[uid] directory was created correctly. But the image was not created in that directory. If I copied the image to the directory, the image is displayed in the web page. Also I disable the User Account Control so the user has read, write and any other permissions.
Imagecache was working in my previous machine (also Vista) with Apache 2.2.4, php 5.2 and drupal 6.6.
I have searched all related articles, exhausted all options.

Please help.

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Drupal 6.x is not PHP 5.3 compatible at this time and I'd doubt any modules are.

Roll back PHP to 5.2.9 and test.

Using PHP 5.2.9, Drupal 6.x imageache is working perfectly fine for me.

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The imagecache works after I uses php 5.2.x. Thank you very much for your help. It saves lots of time for me.

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I have the same problem.

Imagecache 6.x-2.0 beta10, IIS6.0 with friendly URL's enabled (ISAPI rewrite). I have created a tmp directory in my Drupal 6.14 root directory which is fully writable, I have just updated to PHP 5.2.11 (from 5.2.8).

Still no joy.

I can see that an imagecache directory has been created in \sites\default\files but that directory is completely empty of both folders and files.

I can see imagefield_thumbs is there and it also has a thumbnail of my picture, but nothing in the imagecache directory - nada!

I have been banging my head against a brick wall for days does anyone have any ideas?

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If you're using IIS 6.0 or 7.0 there's very little help on the net. If you've followed all the instructions you can and you're still stuck there was one post on the Internet that actually helped.

The problem is with ISAPI_Rewrite (or more specifically with the .htaccess file in sites/default/files) The author of imagecache says the .htaccess file "should consist of these two lines of code - no more, no less" This is unfortunately NOT correct if you're hosting on IIS.

You can find the solution here (it's quite a long post, so you might want to skip to the end)


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I was having same problem with my site "wethephpexperts.com".
Imagecache was troubling me on my local server running with windows.
I tried permission and so much but imagecache was not being able to create preset folder's inside files directory.

So at last I try to upload it on server and checked. It was working well there.
My servers are linux servers.

So I tried a linux local server and it also worked there.

So basically its look problem with windows server.

mail me at wethephpexperts@gmail.com or wethephpexperts@yahoo.com for more deatails.
OR loging to wethephpexperts.com and leave the post in drupal shouts.