Which class do I need to add to my theme's local.css to modify the styles of a multigroup field?

With regular fields I can add, for example, class ".field-field-image".

When I look at the entire multigroup with firebug it has as class: "content-multigroup-display-table-multiple-columns collapsible".

Thank you.


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hmm.. I think we need to add something here. Changing the issue category to "feature request".

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Title: css classes for multigroup fields » Wrap multigroups with unique CSS classes in node view
Status: Active » Fixed

Ok, I have committed to CVS a small patch that adds a unique per multigroup CSS class to the multigroup wrapper in node view. The class name is derived from the group name as follows:

  $group_class = 'content-multigroup-'. str_replace('_', '-', $group_name);

And now this can be used to write selectors to match almost anything else within the multigroup.

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Works great! Thank you!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.