hi, all,

not sure if it is the right place to post the question, but i did already a lot search on web and have nothing found. i am really a beginner of Drupal CMS, just learned it 3weeks ago...

here is my question: i've create a custom theme for Drupal, and i plan to insert some JQuery UI widgets(accordion/tabs/etc...) while i create content. so i downloaded a custom theme generated by JQuery Ui themeroller, added JQuery/Jquery UI js to my theme's .info file, then i created a page and inserted an html to test:



Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


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the accordion seems worked in IE 7(but use the css of my phptemplate, it can't find its ow css), and doesn't work in Firefox and other browser.

so i am wondering if i did this in a totally wrong way? or is there better method to use JQuery UI widgets in Drupal? i am not a php experts, so writing some modules sounds impossible to me..,

thanks in advance for all your help...


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I need help with this too, exact same problem! I've verified that my scripts are being correctly added to the page using Firebug; my theme template calls for the files. But for some reason, i cannot get get drupal to display the widgets!

We sound like a couple of noobs, i know, but there is VERY little getting started documentation on jQuery UI, so please throw something our way!

Much appreciated!


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i figured it out-- generate a jQuery UI pack from official site, link your js/css file in template and mentiond them in .info file, and it should work(it works for me actually). pls notice it won't show up while you login as admin, but while you log out/or open page in another browser, it will be fine.

i must say i gave up using Drupal, waste too much time, if just in designing a simple corporate site or something alike, i would suggest Joomla!. much easier an less headache. :)

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While that method works for you, it seems to avoid the point of using the jQuery UI module altogether, since you're using the jQuery UI pack directly. I'd like to see decent documentation of how, after this module is installed, one generates an accordion UI element on an arbitrary node/page.

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Hi everyone, I actually wrote a module to do what I believe everyone wants to be able to do, which is to be able to specify jQuery UI widgets and effects to load during page requests. The module depends on the jQuery UI module. I have applied for a CVS account and proposed the contribution of this module to the Drupal CVS admins. I am just waiting on a reply, if all goes well I will add my module to the Drupal module repository and provide the link to the project page in another comment to this post.

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Sounds great. I'd love to use that.

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Sounds really cool!
In the meantime, can you share some tips on how to get this thing working without your module?
I want to use jquery ui widgets in a page. Where exactly should I use the jquery_ui_add() function? In my page template?
How can I test to be sure that jquery UI is working correctly?

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Check out this post: http://drupal.org/node/654090

It's another one of my posts. Relates to what you want to accomplish, there's also a link to my module so you can download and use it to load jQuery UI widgets and effects .js files to any page by configuring the module settings (no need to actually call the jquery_ui_add() function in your theme's code). All you would need to do is write your custom javascript code to actually use the widgets/effects that you have loaded.

Please read the last comment I made in this post as it makes a very important point to note.

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Thanks! works nicely

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Thanks for your help, iris! I've experimented with Joomla too...It's ok, but you will NEVER get the kind of community support like you do using Drupal. There's just nothing like it.


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Can anyone explain in English how to do it?