I was wondering if it is possible to spread a node add/edit form over multiple regions?
Like all the different field on a different panel region.
Now i see that i only can set the form itself and for example the taxonomy on different regions.
Is this also possible but the all the fields itself?

This would really kick *ss!



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There are a bunch of fields under 'node', and the 'add/edit' information under 'form' in the add content modal. From what you're asking, it seems like those should cover the case you're trying to accomplish.

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No, under the 'form' menu there's only a general form option, not the different input fields like you can see here http://img.skitch.com/20090916-8d1ph776ikq6pb1254rs5wa7pr.jpg

And under the 'node' menu those options are not input fields, but are the actual texts for example for on the edit-form.
Have a try, you will see...

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I think there's a way to do it with contexts, but I'm forgetting the exact steps at the moment.

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Hmm, i tried with adding a context 'node add form', but when i try to add something to a region a get a error saying:

An error occurred while attempting to process /panels/ajax/add-pane/panel_context%3Anode_edit_panel_context/top

Dunno what i could do otherwise.

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I'm sorry, there are not currently panes available for individual node edit fields. For CCK this is an open feature request against CCK to provide this information to Panels. There probably needs to be a feature to handle title/body separately as well.

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In fact, this request is really against CCK, since it has to provide the code to do this. Nobody in the CCK community is interesting in writing this (Markus, the only guy who knows how I think, has other priorities, so cannot do it)

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For the record, I believe this is the working issue for adding field-level integration for CCK node add/edit forms to panels:
#253071: Panels integration for editing

While I'm at it, here's another duplicate: #550018: Positioning CCK edit fields on Node Add/Edit forms

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Title: spread form fields over different panel regions? » spread form fields over different panel regions? » move/copy form inputs/fields outside general form pane
Version: 6.x-3.0 » 6.x-3.x-dev
Component: Miscellaneous » Code
Category: support » feature
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how about other form inputs, put outside the general form pane? (not cck fields)
- title
- body
- locale (the language selector)
- translation_management
- nodewords (aka meta tags)
- flags
- domain (aka domain access)
- custom_breadcrumbs
- path_redirect

input format, book and revision don't seem to be showing outside general form, as of v3.9
general form, taxonomy, publishing, authoring, comment, menu and path panes do work.

general form pane could also still be bundled, perhaps with selection boxes in the settings to choose which you want included (like in node content pane)

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This I believe works in D7, but we aren't going to fix it in d6.