This is related to 450 - greylisted. It would be useful to have use the admin page (that doesn't do much right now) to include configuration options to allow admins to add/edit the error codes that will be ignored. I ran across a particular email address that had a system that was using a blacklisting service. Getting them to change was a pain and I was going to have an number of people signing up from that domain. I had to hard code in a check for a 554 error.

If this feature is added it would be handy to have it with respect to each of the checks (i.e. to:, from:). It is not too hard but I have not had a chance to code it up and check it yet.


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Looks like this issue is getting more prevalent. I think hard-coding the 450 section to bypass when it also sees "greylist" in the error as mentioned in the linked issue is probably how I will deal with it... a simple admin form, now wouldn't that be nice!

If you have an example of how you coded your way around the issue, would you be kind enough to post please.