Authcache can break the formatting of the xml file generated with xml sitemap module.
To fix you can prevent it from being cached by adding sitemap.xml to excluded pages.


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The RC1 version will now detect if content begins with <?xml to avoid breaking the XML formatting.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I am using RC1, it still breaks the XML sitemap. Or I need to change some settings somwhere?

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XML sitemap worked fine for me without any changes, I'm assuming because of Content that begins with <?xml (i.e., XML feeds) will not be cached.

Other XML pages, however, were broken--namely node/*/xspf.

When I add this string to Cache specified pages: it works fine, but when I add it to Non-HTML Cached Pages and save changes the changes are not saved (the field refreshes empty and the pages are cached normally).

I get no error in my log about this. Is anyone else experiencing an issue with saving the Non-HTML Cached Pages field?

PS: Just installed this today and it is freakin AMAZING. Can't believe I didn't know this module existed.