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MD5: aa90b59c3d1e9f416ec37abd6f2e3573
SHA-1: d780d164ef4e5f6871b888e80b7e35633b84f9c4
SHA-256: 6fa4c157bee062d7d01505659cdd15a044bd378f960b873296b85080769f5a6b
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MD5: 1ff621507900cfd8150a099eeb450eb7
SHA-1: 9f4268d2ea7437f275225961899f47215fd03d46
SHA-256: 0e5af6e90c9b8108506ab686aeed8461250e3d3acc26da4cf0c40faee8713b5b

Release info

Created by: allisterbeharry
Created on: 8 Sep 2009 at 16:51 UTC
Last updated: 6 Jul 2016 at 20:22 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Committed patch by icylace (
1. Rewrote the JSON renderer. A preprocess step for making MIT Simile/Exhibit JSON has been added to streamline rendering. json_encode() will be used if it's available otherwise rendering will be done based on code from the drupal_to_js() Drupal core function. This allows for all data types including nested objects and arrays to be encoded properly. Preview rendering will be done using a more hacked version of the code from drupal_to_js() to allow for pretty-printing.
2. Reorganized the style settings screen.
3. Changed to the array form of str_replace() in views_json_encode_special_chars().
4. Empty fields are now included. I don't know why they were originally excluded.
5. Now using the "application/json" content type.
6. Renamed views_json_get_json() to views_json_get(). It now returns an object by default and also has an optional parameter to return the raw JSON string.

1. Renamed views_json_strip_illegal_chars() to views_json_check_label(). It's less of a misnomer and more informative of its intended use.
2. Corrected function comments for views_json_check_label().
3. Using views_json_check_label() on object labels as it should be.


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